SB 5.18 The Prayers Offered to the Lord by the Residents of Jambūdvīpa

CHAPTER 18 started 14th Apr 2016 Lecture 1 starting at about 00:41:48
  • Understanding of the Lord only comes when He reveals Himself. Any level of understanding of the Lord is because He has revealed it.
  • God is a person, He already has what He likes to do.
  • Rhetorical questions are only poetic means to make a point.

  • Lord Hrishikesha as Cupid – we control senses, restraining them from material lust, and engage them in the Lord’s service.
  • The good qualities of nondevotees simply come from material modes.
  • Even the nicest things – apara-vidya – are a waste of time without connection to the Lord.
Verses 1-6
  • Discrediting Vedic knowledge is standard activity of demons.
  • Just following Vedic activities without association of devotees is not very beneficial.
  • Vedic literatures are breathing of the Lord, but it is put into different wordings for different people.
  • South should be heavier, so that money that comes in from the North (religion) does not leave so quickly.
  • Energy (East) should be controlled by relationship (West).
  • A subject should be approached from top down. If we understand the Bhagavatam, we will be able to understand all Vedic literatures.
  • If we have that knowledge and humility then we can say that we have actually studied.
  • Not used in connection to Krishna all the good qualities will simply bind us to the material world.
  • Whatever it takes, we are trying to shift our attachment from mundane to Krishna.
  • Non-pleasant things said about family life are there just to make sure that our attachment will be to Krishna.
  • Comfort in situations that we are attached to is actually Krishna.
  • We should only ask Diksha guru things that we would normally ask Siksha guru, not expect the Diksha guru to take care of our material life.
14th Apr 2016 Lecture 2
  • The prayers were offered with careful pronunciation – because they wanted to please the Lord.
  • If we do what Krishna recommends, there is no risk.
  • Maya is the real one about equity, fraternity, liberty.
  • Generally, demigods are jivas, but the Lord also may take up those positions. Shiva is generally not a jiva, but sometimes he may be.
  • We have to be very careful of the modes of material nature.
  • Determination to be fixed in Krishna consciousness will fix us at the lotus feel of the Lord. It’s not being fixed in regulations, it’s that determination. We may be forgetting the Lord quite regularly, but what matters is that determination to please the Lord.
  • Opulence must generate God consciousness, otherwise we spend unwisely.
  • In Vastu all comes out of East, in modern day North is prominent.
  • Vedic Sanskrit vs Classical Sanskrit.
  • Vedic Sanskrit has an inherent tonal quality.
  • The Lord is separate, but His energies make everything work.
  • When Vedas are stolen, Hayagriva gets them back. Lord Brahma asks, then he gets the Vedas back.
Verses 7-14
  • Mandalas are geometrical diagrams representing a higher principle.
  • The cause of all causes is a person, it’s about Him wanting to interact with His devotees.
  • Fear means identification with the body.
  • People will only be pacified by devotional service.
  • Bhadram – cultured, without attachment, gentle.
  • Gentleman actually means not attached.
  • Doing what Krishna wants will always give a good result.
  • Typical means standard, not ordinary.
  • 57:00 Garuda’s wings vibrate the Sama-veda.
  • The Lord rides His sound system.
  • Family life is only prison if there is attachment. Attachment should only be for Krishna and His devotees.
  • Associating with nondevotees is actually against the purpose of the material world.
  • Doing activities of devotional service not for devotion is actually not auspicious.
  • We should be satisfied by what comes from the performance of our duties.
  • It’s the attitude that makes one a sankirtana devotee.
14th Apr 2016 Lecture 3
  •  Narrations of the Lord only enter the heart by cit potency.
  • Visiting holy places and bathing in the Ganges purify only after a long time.
  • Becoming attracted to Krishna is actually not so difficult. But we have to clear the dirt, so nothing gets in the way of our attraction.
  • Devotional service itself is the favorable condition for devotional service.
  • We should be able to explain the main verses in Bhagavad-arka-marici-mala.
  • In dasha-mula, abhideya and prayojana are extended.
  • We have to know what is the significance of the particular verses if we are asked to give a class on them.
  • It’s by qualities that we distinguish a Vaishnava from a non-vaishnava. Material qualities are just Krishna’s qualities without Krishna.
  • Even if something is practical it is not nice if not used for Krishna. In relationships qualities are more important than in skills.
  • Vaishnava qualities:
  • 3) truthful means it’s about Krishna;
  • 7) mild – to do things gently;
  • 10) if we do things for Krishna, it is good for everyone;
  • 14) humility;
  • 26) silence means to talk about Krishna.
  • Devotees value vaishnava qualities and try for them, even though they may not yet have developed them.
  • All examples Srila Prabhupada gives are from the Vedic literature.
  • The greatness of the living entities manifests in the rasa water of the spiritual world.
  • We are not afraid in the material world when we don’t identify with it.
Verses 15-23
  • Malaysia used to be full of sandalwood trees, but English took them out to plant rubber trees.
  • Husbandness comes from the Supreme Husband.
  • If we take shelter of Krishna, our material body will not get in the way of our services.
  • Kamadeva causes devotees’ attraction for Him, and materialists’ attraction to each other.
  • Garbhodakashayi Vishnu is Kamadeva, and He is in charge of attraction.
  • Inhabitants of Bhauma-svarga are human, but have the benefit of material facility and remembering the Lord always.
  • People may be transferred from universe to universe if necessary.
  • The ‘material body’ of Cupid – all the power of senses is coming from Him. Mental prowess = intelligence.
  • The Lord is the husband of everybody, taking care of everybody.
  • Unless one is a devotee one cannot actually be a husband and protect the family.
  • Although Krishna is never afraid He can still relate to living entities who are fearful.
  • Husband is just servant of the Lord performing those duties on Krishna’s behalf.
  • Wife understands she serves Lakshmidevi, but as a social custom she accepts a husband.
  • Worshiping Krishna we will get material fulfillment anyway, but if that was our purpose, we will lament.
  • Actually there is no such thing as a devotee with motive, they are just in ignorance. Removing the ignorance they won’t ask for material things.
  • When we think we are the doer, we think others are also the doers therefore ‘Who do they think they are?’
  • There is only pure devotional service, and whatever mix is there is ignorance.
  • If our father owns a candy shop we do not have to worry about getting a dessert.
  • Kamadeva is attracting the devotees.
  • Pushpabana is invoking the abhideya aspect.
  • Ananga – ecstasy of interacting with the devotees.
  • For those who always engage in the Lord’s service Lakshmidevi bestows all opulence. Opulence that comes and goes comes from Durga, though it may be engaged in Krishna’s service.
18th Apr 2016 Lecture 1
  • Material energy is eternal, but all bendictions Durga gives are temporary – only when we don’t see the connection to Krishna we are dealing with the temporary.
  • In the spiritual world variety does not get in the way of relationship with Krishna.
  • Engaging the senses is natural for the living entity and the Lord.
  • We always try to have both stability and variety, that generates consistency of experience.
  • If our stability is in Krishna, variety does not bother us.
  • 13:00 We are working on techniques of balance while keeping both feet on banana peels.
  • The happiness is not in the material variety – it is in Krishna. When we remove Krishna we think it is in the variety.
  • Devotion is the stable part, not the changes in the variety.
  • We become fearless by taking shelter of Krishna.
  • Karma-yoga – we are pointing out the connection part. Mixed devotional service – we are pointing out what is not pure
  • Sarva dharman parityajya means one does not identify with one’s conditioning.
  • If one has asked for temporary things, one can take up pure devotion at any time, but one should still maintain one’s social position, otherwise people will think it’s strange.
  • Sophisticated Indians are so much above Westerners.
  • As a dependent we may not be able to follow the form of the culture if the environment is not created. But we can always follow the mood – trnad api sunicena taror iva sahisnuna amanina manadena kirtaniyah sada harih
  • If we follow this mood we will not have problem.
  • Prana-maya has no substance. They simply use dharma for sense gratification.
  • In 1970s Srila Prabhupada wanted every devotee in the movement to spend at least 1 year in India, to learn the culture. But many devotees never caught the point.
  • Think – Sankarshana
  • Feel – Aniruddha
  • Will – Pradyumna
  • Act – Vasudeva
  • If the disciple wants something material, how will the spiritual master preach the spiritual to them?
  • 01:05:00 If we want Krishna, we will have everything, if we want everything, we will have nothing. ‘Preaching is the essence’ – facilities are secondary.
  • Lakshmidevi has the best position, but out of humility She disregards it and praises other devotees.
  • Even in the right wing the contrariness of the feminine nature is there.
  • Lakshmi has great fortune, but others also have.
  • It’s not by doing a specific activity that we gain the mercy of the Lord.
  • We have limited intelligence, and whatever intelligence we do have is disturbed.
  • “Own planet” also means a specific mood, specific sphere of activity based on consciousness.
  • We take direct shelter of Krishna by taking shelter of Krishna’s devotees.
  • When Lakshmi went to Vrindavana, She was not taking shelter of the Vrajavasis and was not giving up the concept of the Lord as the Supreme Personality of Godhead; if She did, She wouldn’t be Lakshmi anymore. But that is Her eternal real identity, while we have to give up a false identity.
  • Vrajavasis are the most sophisticated in terms of refinement of interaction, due to their love for Krishna. The form of their village life is not sophisticated, but in rasa they are the most sophisticated.
  • The main thing about being good at anything is character based on culture.
  • For those who are fully engaged in devotional service all their opulence is coming directly from Lakshmidevi.
  • We are following the rules because that’s what Lord Caitanya has given us.
  • We will develop spontaneous mood by associating with those who have it and those who desire to develop it.
  • Milk with karela is not recommended.
18th Apr 2016 Lecture 2
  • The mood of reverence makes Lakshmidevi who She is.
  • Smarta means to follow the rules to please ourselves. We should follow the rules to please Krishna.
  • If person following rules couldn’t go back to Godhead, even Krishna Himself would not have gone back to Godhead.
  • Bhajana-rahasya by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes simplified Deity worship for grihasthas.
Verses 24-28
  • Each personality’s prayer is according to their different moods and engagements.
  • Reading their prayers we see how everything connects to the Lord.
  • From Manu’s prayers we see how Manu Samhita connects to the Lord.
  • From Lakshmidevi’s prayers – how devotional service connects to the Lord.
  • Varnashrama is external – so that’s what we do externally.
  • Thinking that there is no rules is influenced by Nirguna Brahman – no qualities, no rules, we can do whatever we like.
  • We surrender to Krishna AND follow His system.
  • Smartas following rules, but not accepting the Supreme Lord may go to the heavenly regions.
  • Since we think we are the controller, we are controlled by material variety, and it gives us trouble. Actually, variety is for Krishna’s pleasure.
  • Manu mentions leadership and political authority. One living entity creates situations for others.
  • One who can maintain is the actual cause, not one who just creates. Brahma can create the universe, but he cannot maintain it. Maintenance is actually the main thing.
  • Devotees are able to see both the universe and the transcendental form of the Lord.
  • Aryama is mentioning virat-rupa, since he is with Yamaraja and has to deal with all the different bodies.
  • Lord is the reality, He is the energy, He manifests His form through His energy.
  • Thinking that there is Vedic and modern means we think there is something outside the control of the Lord.
  • Wherever we start we should see Krishna as a person.
  • Scientists say they don’t accept the existence of the mind, but at the same time they speculate.
  • Mayavadi and Buddhist philosophy just serves to engage their mind and keep them off the streets.
  • Nondevotees, scientists simply count the material elements and are engaged in breaking down the authority.
  • Anyone can become a Vedic scientist even if one knows just a little bit, but sees the Lord in that area of interest.
  • Scientists are jijnasu – they have an interest in the Lord’s creation, but they have to connect it with the Lord. One should first accept Krishna and then analyze.
Verses 34-39
  • Lord Varaha is known as the Lord of sacrifice.
  • Sacrifice [yajna] is the mood, ritual [kratu] is the form.
  • Ultimately the mood of sacrifice comes from devotion.
  • 3 pairs of opulences:
  • Beauty-fame
  • Strength-wealth
  • Knowledge-renunciation
  • Analyzing won’t reveal the Lord, unless He reveals Himself.
  • Krishna is the principle that we can find in everything, just as fire is derived from the wood.
  • Krishna likes things in a certain way.
  • Forms are simply containers through which particular Krishna’s potencies are manifest.
  • We know there is a liter of water by the size of the pot.
  • In the spiritual world forms manifest through the spiritual energy.
  • When we see that Krishna is everything we means He is the significance of the various elements.
18th Apr 2016 Lecture 3
 Verse 5.18.11
  • Devotees are associating with the Lord directly, so hearing from them we associate with the Lord.
Verse 5.18.12
  • Good qualities manifesting in materialists are only qualities of Krishna manifesting through the material energy, so the materialists get no credit for them.
  • Madana Mohana – attraction
  • Govindaji – qualities
  • Gopinatha – affection, pastimes
  • Verse 12 is abhideya, since Govindaji is qualities. The main point of action is the quality behind it.
  • Sense gratification is mental concoction, we speculate what will make us happy.
  • If we are focused on developing love for Krishna, we maintain the same steadiness when the secondary aspects shift.
  • For pure devotees, their knowledge, attraction etc for Krishna are fixed, so for them things changing is just secondary. Krishna as their goal and their love for Him never changes and shifts back.
  • Indifference, knowledge and higher taste are ways to deal with improper desires.
  • We are aware of what material desires are left in our heart, so it seems that there are more of them, but actually there are less than when we were not aware of them.
  • The main point of stability is knowledge and practice.
  • Mental speculation used for Krishna is called manana, anvikshiki etc.

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