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  • Progeny from various rites of marriage liberate various numbers of family generations from sin.
  • Boy's side approaching the girl is not as good as girl's side approaching the boy.
  • Blameless marriages produce blameless children, blamable marriage produce blamable children.

  • Neither Dhritarastra nor Duryodhana were supposed to occupy the throne, but they were attached to the idea.
  • Humans are not supposed to use the blamable marriages. If there is kidnapping etc anyway a proper marriage rite is performed afterwards.
  • Grihastha brahmachari
  • The husband should be satisfied with his wife alone and approach her for union with the intent of pleasing her.
  • Child's consciousness is determined by parent's consciousness at the time of conception, but that moment is determined by the general relationship and atmosphere in the house. It never works to have children to keep marriage together.
  • New Moon, Full Moon and 2 astamis should not be used for the time of conception. This is a simple guideline that anybody may use.
  • If someone kills a woman on the 4th day of her cycle, it is equal to killing a brahmana. On the 4th day woman is generally in a saintly mood, so she should not be approached. 11th and 13th day of woman's cycle are also forbidden for intercourse.
  • Wisdom, energy, strength and vitality of a man increases if he avoids woman on her times of contamination.
  • Brahmanas should also avoid 14th tithi - Parashurama was conceived on that day. For Vaishnavas, also Ekadasi and festival days.
  • On even nights sons are conceived, on odd - girls.
  • One who follows proper rules for intercourse is equal to a brahmachari.

Honor of Women

  • Property of women must never be used by the male relations.
  • Why is it better if the woman is more attached to the man than vice versa. The foundation of marriage is stronger.
  • If both parties know their duties and deal properly, marriage will work well, despite of various beginning.
  • For kshatriyas kidnapping is not uncommon because they do not accept charity.
  • Women must be honored and adorned by their male relatives who desire their own welfare. If husband mistreats the wife, he will not get material results from his activities.
  • Families that women curse are destroyed 'like magic.' No one was left from Duryodhana's family except Dhritarashtra and Gandhari.
  • People trying to bend the rules are not supposed to study Manu Samhita. Manu Samhita is for those who wish to know the rules of the game to play properly.
  • In case of repeated marriage all the rites are not performed, because some of them do not apply.
  • The point about having marriage for 7 lifetimes is just so that people pay more attention. That would be on the material platform, it does not apply for devotees.
  • 58:50 Souls don't mate. Marriage is between gross and subtle bodies
  • Whatever girls are brought into family, have to be taken care of.
  • Macho males do not know this part of 'Honor of Women.'
  • Men are in control, but it has to be according to the needs of women.
  • Men controls women by being controlled by them. If husband is pleased with the wife, she can be pleased with him.
  • Atmosphere in the house depends on the woman's mood.
  • When a qualified person is proud through their qualifications we can bring out the points and bring the ego down. But unqualified proud person - nothing can be done.
  • Purity, sweet speach and saintly qualities are the woman's potential, but the man has to draw them out.
  • There is no point saying 'women should not be like that.'


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