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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, November 2011-April 2012

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • We tend to think that in the material world the living entity is outside the service of the Lord, but actually it is not so. But they don't know it and therefore don't get the credit.
  • When judging whether an activity is proper or not, there are 2 aspects - the mechanics of the activity and the consciousness.

  • Even though we don't remember the Lord, we can still only perform activities by His grace.
  • The criminals are still servants of the state, but they do not acknowledge it.
  • Both pious and impious activities function on the God's laws, but still the real question is whether the people performing them are Krishna conscious.
  • 16:40 When shastra talks about adulterly, it always talks about it in relation to grihastha men. If that is understood, the etiquette with sannyasis and brahmacharis will automatically be understood.
  • Devotees are under impression that all illicit sexual activities in the society happen in connection to brahmacharis and sannyasis, but nobody talks about the huge volume of such activities among grihasthas because by Western conditioning it is considered normal.
  • Living entity's moving around in pious and impious is like the changing seasons. Therefore, only Krishna consciousness has a value.
  • Everyone is following God's laws. Those who are successful are better at following them.
  • 33:40 The mechanics of lawful and illicit sex is the same, but proper sex includes authority, includes a bigger picture, so one is getting closer to the Lord.
  • The same qualities required to be a pure devotee are the same required to be a successful materialist.
  • Brahma is given chance to create and then recreate (after every big and small annihilation) the universe so many times, that he can fully realize that he doesn't want to do it any more.
  • The Lord is everywhere as the universal form, and also as the Supersoul.
  • When we advance in spiritual life, it is not that our body fades away, but as we get purified, the material senses do not cover the spiritual senses any more. But still, the spiritual senses manifest through what we have.
  • The principle of sight comes from the Lord. The living entities receive various seeing capacities and various eyes according to their qualifications.
  • We cannot see God not because He is not there but because we are covered. However, when somebody pulls on that covering to remove it, we protest.
  • Most people only see the externals of their values, they do not understand what it is they actually value.
  • 87:00 Food is not too rich if there is enough chili added, and it will not be too spicy if there is enough ghee added.
  • 92:00 With time we will start offering Krishna preparations that He likes, as described in the scripture.
  • 94:30 It is recommended to use pious forms in Krishna's service, but it is actually the mood that makes it into service. So those who are impious and attached to it will argue that it is just all about the mood.
  • When we discuss things that are obviously impious, there is a strong protest, but once the impiety level discussed is our standard mleccha life, we start defending it and saying that it can be engaged in the Lord's service.
  • 97:00 E.g. father not finding husband for the daughter and allowing her to look on her own.
  • If we just want to do what we feel like we will not accomplish anything, just like children.
  • 107:00 The rights of the soul are according to their conditioning.
  • 109:00 No need to concoct a 'higher standard' of Deity worship.
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