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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • Ultimately the mechanics is only meant to prove to Krishna our sincerity, but it's actually about the relationship between Krishna and the living entity.
  • In Krishna consciousness result depends on how we have pleased the Lord.

  • The knowledge is very sophisticated, but it's application is very simple. If we try to simplify the knowledge, or make the application difficult, then it won't work. We want very simple knowledge and complex application, but in reality it's the other way around.
  • Vedic only doesn't work if we have these formulas backwards.
  • 05:10 If we don't follow what Krishna says, we will never be successful.
  • We act in a particular way due to our samskaras. If we act according to Krishna's direction, we will go beyond the modes, but if not we will be under the modes.
  • Last three parts of the Nectar of Devotion explain the intelligence of the spiritual world. They use very fine intelligence to distinguish between different moods.
  • 10:00 Even if Krishna puts us in a perfect situation, we still have to perform appropriate activity to take full advantage of it.
  • If one does not have proper knowledge, brahmachari ashrama is safer than grihastha ashrama. But if one is able to identify the field, identify oneself and know how to act, then any situation is fine.
  • People who do not like Vaishnava attire, would not be happy in the spiritual world.
  • But we have to understand what is the principle and connect that. The principle is that we should look like a gentleman. Therefore we should find those clothes that we can look like a gentleman in karmi clothes.
  • "A misgiving means, the mind is attached to the wrong idea. A doubt means, 'I am unable, due to my perception, unable to put together what you said intelligently. So, if you can logically explain it with examples that are relevant to my nature, my situation, then doubts can be cleared.' But misgivings, even you give the most logical explanation, you can't clear them. Why? Because one is attached to them."
  • Krishna didn't allow Arjuna act on his misgiving, so why would He allow anybody else? Arjuna was such a great devotee.
  • 31:00 The root of fear is envy of God, we are afraid to be His servant, and want to take His position. Mayavadis are fearful of heir relationship with the Lord, because that means they are not God.
  • 40:00 Even through great devotee, quoting shastra, Arjuna would be lost if he does not act according to Krishna's direction. Bhagavad-gita is the standard through which to understand all the shastras.
  • "Even a devotee what we should consider in the devotional environment not well situated is a million times better than anyone else, because the others, not matter how nice, professional and first-class, and up-to-date their situation, there is no connection to Krishna, so it's useless. So therefore it's great, now just utilize what you have and instead of living in the past and trying to get something out of it yourself, just take what you have and connect it to Krishna."
  • What Krishna likes is defined in the scriptures as the formulas, because He is unlimited, but He is a person. That means, there is unlimited ways to apply the unlimited options specifically to please Him in a specific way. Like Radharani cooks for Krishna, but She can unlimitedly transform all the various ingredients, get unlimited preparations that is still within the category He likes.
  • The universality of the culture are the purposes it obtains.
    If the ideal is not there, it does not mean that the purpose cannot be obtained.
  • 70:00 Even if you are a punk on the street, you should look like a proper punk to fit in
  • The principle of Brahman can always be applied, even though the Bhagavan aspect might not be obtainable.
  • For men it is easier to work with detachment, therefore there are not so many women who are big managers.
  • 81:00 Fields don't work on their own, we have to endeavor in the field. Paramatma makes things happen, if we do things in line with what He says, we will get a proper result, if not, then no.
  • Our goal is to please Krishna, but the result will be that we will go back to Godhead
  • Upanishada give one example, and one should understand everything from that, but the Puranas give many examples.
  • 97:50 Spontaneity here is ignorance, unless it is based on higher principles
  • 99:00 Smarta brahmanas have perfect environment, perfect activities, but they are not connecting it to Krishna.
  • The fight happens between pro-Vedic and liberals, not between people who actually understand deeper principles.
  • We are not this body, but this body can only do certain things
  • First, karma is discussed, but karma is useless unless connected to the Lord, therefore in the middle six chapters bhakti is emphasized. The last six chapters explain the fine technical points of the first six chapters, to understand the difference between the soul and the field.


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