This course is part of Sastra-Caksus, Year 1 and consists of 91 lectures, available on:

Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • Nakshatras are on the topmost platform of goodness in the material world
  • Arjuna is afraid and ask the Lord what is His mission because he does not know the Lord in that form.
  • He is time and has come to destroy the worlds.
  • He will destroy everyone in a special way.
  • Only a few warriors were left after the battle on both sides.

  • 12:40 Savyasacin - expert at shooting arrows.
  • 15:30 Nara and Narayana Rishi always use bows and arrows.
  • 17:00 Everyone will be killed by their insulting Draupadi.
  • Vedic culture is always balanced.
  • Actual conclusion of the Vedas is acintya-bhedabheda tattva.
  • Acintya bhedabheda tattva compared to other philosophies.
  • 21:00 Even impios activities can be connected to Krishna consciousness, but better connect pious. Not connected pious has no value on its own.
  • Impious is what goes against the nature.
  • Good and bad activities are so in connection to Krishna.
  • All advices in modern management books work because of Krishna.
  • Modern managers don't come close to what Prabhupada did.
  • 36:00 The science of Krishna consciousness doesn't change due to different conditionings.
  • 37:45 If we think that Krishna consciousness is relevant only to the modern, that's the philosophy of Buddhism.
  • 39:45 Preaching to more intellectual and to more emotional people
  • 40:30 People who present themselves as intellectual, but are sentimental
  • 48:00 How to tell whether man or woman wrote the screenplay
  • The best movies and stories combine emotions and intelligence
  • 53:00 Radharani being angry when Krishna looked at someone else and mundane woman becoming angry.
  • 62:00 Puranas bring out what the material glitter is and how to engage it in Krishna's service, then cut it.
  • Upanishads explain that there is no glitter, that the real glitter is the Lord.
  • 71:00 Sentiment is not enough to make the relationship work.
  • 73:00 The arrogance of youth.
  • 79:30 All material philosophies fit into the duality of karma and jnana, but in the spiritual world there is no such duality.
  • Buddhi yoga means all the activities of karma with the detachment of jnana
  • 88:45 Nice elements in the universal form are there due to inclination towards the Lord, and vice versa.
  • But even the in the nicest situations in the material world there is death
  • The Lord's dealing with demigods and demons is reciprocal.
  • The wife acts within the environment provided by the husband.
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