Mataji: If the husband or the wife cannot be faithful to the other, whose fault is this? The fault of both or just one?

HH BVPS Maharaja: This is a very dangerous yatra [Laughter]. It can be both. It's very complex, this one, it takes a great amount of maturity to understand the answer. That's the problem with this particular question. Like that.

Erm, you could say, if the man is behaving properly, then the wife will respond properly, then they'll be satisfied. The man doesn't behave properly, the wife doesn't respond properly, then it may inspire either of them to look elsewhere. At the same time is, you could say that if their commitment to the religious principles is strong, despite this it will still work. Does that make some sense? So in other words, when we say all these things on the men, because the men, they are supposed to be the ones being the dynamic operating, but it's not that the women aren't trying to take part nicely also. Does that make sense? So if both of them are trying their best, then it should work. Does that make sense? Is that okay? More detailed it's dangerous.

(From Man Woman Interaction Seminar, 4th August 2007, Eger, Hungary)

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