Prabhu: In the lectures here as you gave in 1997 you said that the husband should act as a temple president, and the wife as a temple commander. Could you explain?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Are you sure? I would have probably said, the husband is like the GBC, the wife is like the temple president, because the GBC doesn't do the management, the temple president does the management. You know what I am saying? The man creates the environment, the woman manages it. The GBC's business is to see that the standards are maintained by the temple president. Does that make sense? So therefore there are standards, so he has to see that the environment is there in which those standards can be maintained. Do you understand? The man provides the things that the woman cooks with. What will be cooked, that's up to the woman. You have a whole house to interact in, in which room you'll be interacting, that's up to the woman. Like that. You provide so many clothes, which one she wears, that's up to her. Does that make sense?

Prabhu: And what happens when the husband doesn't properly understand this principle and he always wants to kind-of tell the wife what should be done?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Failure, fight, dissatisfaction, insecurity. Do you need any more?

Prabhu: No more questions.

HH BVPS Maharaja: Okay. [Laughter]

(From Man Woman Interaction Seminar, 4th August 2007, Eger, Hungary)

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