Sci-Fi and Conspiracies – an Overindulgence in Fear
His Holiness Bhaktividyā Pūrṇa Mahārāja preaching in Finland, summer 2017

Mātājī (1): How do demigods communicate?

HH BVPS Mahārāja: How do they communicate? Generally they...

Mātājī (1): Yeah, in their own planets...

HH BVPS Mahārāja: They go and visit each other, they talk, basically.

Mātājī (1): They never use telepathy?

HH BVPS Mahārāja: No, no. Telepathy, that was the 1950s thing, it is out now. Like that. The only guys that it seemed to be it works like that nicely are those funny brains sitting in some kind of liquid in some kind of funny box on the planet of Doom. So, uh, yeah.... It's... It doesn't seem to be a universal principle. so demigods, they just talk to each other. That's why these conversations are in the Bhāgavatam and the Vedic literature; those are conversations between demigods.

Mātājī (1): And demons, do they use telepathy?

HH BVPS Mahārāja: No, no, they talk also.

Mātājī (1):Okay, but they have the ability to use it if they want to?

HH BVPS Mahārāja: Which?

Mātājī (1): The demons, or...?

HH BVPS Mahārāja: Telepathy? No, it is... No one uses telepathy, it's just, it's something made up by people who made up Twilight Zone, you know, something like that. It was popular in the 1950s, but then they figured out that everything, all the inorganic development that human beings made, that was supposed to be perfection of society, just basically kills people. So then they went back to the natural and organic. So it was just a thought that it would be great, but it didn't work out. So there is no telepathy.

Prabhu: But we have Facebook, we are superior. We are on Facebook.

HH BVPS Mahārāja: On Facebook?

Prabhu: They have to go visit each other and talk; we have Facebook, we don't have to go anywhere.

HH BVPS Mahārāja: Right? But do you not have to go in front of your computer?

Prabhu: [indistinct]

HH BVPS Mahārāja:Okay. So, as long as you have this nice table set up in the toilet with the refrigerator next to it, then, yeah, then you are okay. Just make sure you don't move the screen that anybody can actually see you are in the toilet. You know, keep it up, yeah.

Prabhu: In a suit. Keep it professional.

HH BVPS Mahārāja:Yeah, keep it professional, yeah. And know when to hit the mute button. [Laughter] Yes. So these things are like... That's what sci-fi is about, is that it comes up with these things, nerds like it because it uses the brain, 'Oh, this could happen, that can happen,' and so it is intellectually interesting, but in reality not. You know, like the dark elves that bring in darkness, and that overtakes the light, and... No dark is there only because light goes away. As soon as light comes back the dark goes away. So there is no question of dark can overtake light. Dark is just no light. So it is not that dark is on its own, it's its own entity, no. It is just a lack of... It's just like being poor means you don't have money. So that's the whole thing, is that there are certain concepts they go with. You know, the guy comes back from the future and and impregnates the girl who actually then ends up as his mother in the future that he is born... And then that's just more straightforward, then they make it more weird than that. They get in this one with this and that and.... There's nothing better to do. Does that make sense? Because it sounds interesting, it sounds... It doesn't sound normal, so it catches your attention: 'Back to the Future.' It's just, 'Woah,' so what does that mean? Yes?

Mātājī (2): It is said that there are demons in control of the planet, and they are also powerful in doing all kinds of tantric rites, black magic, and they are influencing the people by the demoniac forces. So it is there, it is not telepathy... There are still dark forces.

HH BVPS Mahārāja:There is dark forces, but they are working according to the particular laws of nature that govern dark forces. You can't just make something up yourself. You know what I am saying? You can't be sitting there doing a black magic ritual where you are sacrificing your banana pancake or something like that. [Laughter] Means, there is rules, and you follow those and it has influence. But it is not that there is these ones bigger than what you are seeing and influencing the whole thing. Where is the karma to do all that? It says that the demons take birth and all that to do, it's even in animal society. They will be take birth in, let's say, amongst elephants, and they will be the biggest elephant, so they are in charge of the herd. They just want to be in control, so even if they are an elephant and they got their herd, but then there is another demon with their herd, and then they fight. So it is not that there is these few guys that are sitting there cooperating and controlling the whole planet and all that, and, you know, in the background you hear the music [imitating creepy melody]. [Laughter] You know, and then you see them doing things like that... [Laughter] It is not happening. They are controlled by the modes of nature. So they can only do what the modes of nature allow. This idea, the conspiracy that's here and it's this, it's not like that.

It is just, just as you can overeat, oversleep, overindulge in sex, you can overindulge in fearing. So conspiracy theories are overindulgence in fear. So you can, 'No, it's so real!' But people think eating so much food or having so much sex is real also. But that's all it is, overindulgence in fear. There should be a natural amount of fear, not that much about everything. Like my watch is watching me...' [Mahārāja points to his watch next to Bhāgavatam] [Laughter] Turn it around... Do you understand? The thing is is, but then, if your computer is watching you because it has the little thing on it that it can watch, you know, it means, it has the camera for Facebook and all those things like that, right? And so, therefore, that's where everybody, if they want to cover, they are going to put the tape there. But what if that's not where that camera is? What if it is the screen itself. What if it is something else? What if it is your SHIFT bar? [Laughter] You know what I am saying? Another... Which letter do you hit the least? You know, Z or something else, maybe that's it. You know, they light up, how do you know it's not watching you?

You know what I am saying? It's just, we have all these ideas that, 'Oh, it has to be this.' But why would they have to be like that? It's not that people aren't trying to do all these funny things, but that's a group of individuals who have their own certain thing, and they may have more or less control, but then there is always someone else who has other control and it is a competition. So it is never that there is one group who controls everything. They would love to, but they can't.

Does that make sense? So the Illuminati still have no control over those demons who took birth as elephants in Africa and are running their own herd. So they are not going to control everything

From lecture on the Teachings of Pṛthu Mahārāja, Day 4, ISKCON Helsinki, Finland. This passage starting at 2 hrs 34 mins.
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