CHAPTER 21 started 22nd Apr 2016 Lecture 1
  • The Universe is set up the way Lord likes it, for the elevation of the living entities, therefore there are different places and different mentalities.
  • We must follow the Vedas, but the whole point of the Vedas is to perform our duties to please the Lord.

  •  When we offer to Krishna what we like we are respecting Him as an authority, but not as a person.
  • 'Lord loves me for who I am' - but we think we are the body, we make up our own religion. We should not think how to make things sound good, we should think how to be Krishna conscious.
  • We cooked according to us as a person and Krishna as God with His rules and regulations. But gradually we should learn to do things according to Krishna as a person.
  • Bhagavad-gita is more focused on sambandha, though it gives all up to uttama platform as sarva-dharman-parityajya.
  • SB focuses more on abhideya
  • CC - on prayojana.
  • In each place the circumstances match the people.
  • 'Necessary seasons' - people want that variety, and if they are pious they get to experience all 6 seasons properly.
  • When piety decreases, it comes to 4 seasons, 2 or even just 1. Also the various seasons get more extreme, while previously they used to be more mild.
  • Days getting longer and shorter, and northern and southern path of the Sun.
  • The names of the Sun god's horses are the Vedic meters, and within each of them there are many subdivisions.
  • 16,004 miles per moment is the average speed of the Sun God.
  • The movements of the Sun will be exactly according to Krishna's direction.
  • We can't even function independently of the Lord without the Lord. Since we have to submit to the Lord anyway, why not do bhakti?
  • Sun regulates engaging in occupation. When Sun goes down we return to ashrama activities.
  • We say Sun is higher or lower, but actually he moves quicker or slower.
  • Different Sun worshipers worship different devatas within the Sun.
22nd Apr 2016 Lecture 2
  • Retrograde planets are more powerful because that's when the planet is closer to the earth.
  • Retrograde motions happen when the planets go along with the kala-chakra.
  • Ghatikas according to the Moon is 24 minutes long, sometimes 12, sometimes it's 30 (danda).
  • We calculate new day from the midnight in Ujjain (prime meridian).
  • Vaishnavas are actually more technical than the smartas in calculating Ekadasi etc.
  • Stars are demigods in their chariots.
  • Caturmasya applies everywhere.
  • When there is rain without clouds it's when the elephants of the cardinal directions take water from the celestial Ganges and sprinkle it over the Bhu-mandala.
  • The universal structure resembles a complex oil grinding machine.
  • The planets are not moving around the Sun; they have their orbits above the Sun, but they stay in specific angles from the Sun.
  • The only way to understand the structure of the Universe is by the mercy of the Lord and the spiritual master.
  • When the Purushottama month falls within Caturmasya, there is the Nava Kalevara ceremony for Lord Jagannatha.
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