CHAPTER 16 started on 11th Apr 2016 Lecture 3 at about 01:08:15
  • Geographical knowledge of the universe only has value if we discuss it as an expansion of the energy of the Lord.
  • Vedic speakers and listeners can remember things without taking any notes.
  • There is the gross form how the universe is situated, but there is also the subtle perception of the universe as a form of the Lord.

  • We should study the structure of the universe with the purpose of developing our Krishna consciousness.
  • Yati - a term used for sanyasi, and also for an advanced devotee.
  • If study of virat-rupa is done in devotion, we will better understand the spiritual form of the Lord.
  • Planetary systems situated along Mount Meru is where people interested in fruitive activities live. Above that is Mahar, Jana and Tapolokas.
  • In the structure of the universe, we can only see what we can understand; the senses can only perceive shapes that the mind can take.
12th Apr 2016 Lecture 1
  •  Bhuvah is both above and below the Earth
Verses 1-10
  • Understanding the mandalas we can fix our mind on the universal form and then on Krishna.
  • When instructions are given on how to behave, they are given in relation to great personalities.
  • Bhagavatam shows the connection of all apara-vidya to para-vidya.
  • 14:20 Even the so-called modern scientific maps of the world are constantly changing.
  • The need for 'scientific' is the need to control. Actual structure of the universe can be understood by a mind in the mode of goodness, with devotion to the Lord. If we just get out a tape measure, we may not be able to understand it.
  • The structure of the universe not connected to the Lord is just mechanistic. We have to see how it connects us and the Lord, and how it is pleasing to the Lord.
  • Mechanically the system moves the same way whether we put the center pin in Sun or Earth.
  • The real center of attention is Krishna, the real point is how to see Krishna in everything.
  • We are the only ones who are not transcendental by our consciousness.
  • Even Krishna's external energy is so difficult to understand.
  • In spiritual world there is no time, no space, but there is a perception. If works how it should work for the pastimes, fulfilling Krishna's desires. It has to be about Krishna's desires, not about our need that we have to understand the mechanics of the universe.
  • The universe is also arranged according to Krishna's desire. It's too sophisticated for us to understand. We can't see unless the Lord reveals. The actual form of the universe is the Lord's universal form.
  • By seeing the universal form of the lord, we see the actual form of the world.
  • Lord and His interactions with His energies is what is actually going on - it's not so much question of the mechanics.
  • Maharaja Parikshit is endeavoring to see the Lord first and then see what he is looking at in connection with the Lord.
  • Mechanics are only important as much as they help manifest the desire to serve Krishna. Mechanics are only focused on by the beginners.
  • We use the universal form in mishra-bhakti aspect, to connect those things we are attached to in the Lord's service.
  • 2nd Canto is showing connection to the Purusha Sukta
  • 5th Canto is showing more the connection to the Lord as a person.
  • 55:00 We don't have such a thing as a dogma, but there is right attitude needed to understand spiritual topics.
  • Descriptions of the universe are there for the benefit of bhakti-mishra-yogis.
  • The pastime is in Lord's interaction with His energies.
  • This universe us still part of Lord's pastimes, and so it is unlimited. Even in a lifetime of Brahma it is not possible to understand.
  • In each universe there is a Bhu-mandala, therefore the measurements given in the scriptures may vary.
  • Jambudvipa is tilted like a lotus leaf.
  • We should stick to the lotus feet of the acaryas to understand the universe. Otherwise science can't prove or disprove it either way.
  • Srila Prabhupada could see rows of mountains up to Mount Sumeru while flying over the Alps.
  • We have to apply ourselves in a devotional mood for the Lord to reveal things to us.
  • Jambudvipa and its mountains slope down, on both Northern and Southern sides.
  • Jambudvipa is shaped like sacrificial kunda. Hotri sits where Bharata-varsha is.
  • Bharata and Uttara-kuru varshas are bow-shaped.
12th Apr 2016 Lecture 2
 Verses 11-29
  • 4 mountains on 4 sides support Mount Meru.
  • Performance of prescribed duties generate opulence.
  • Different sizes and arrangements of the structures mentioned in the scriptures refer to creation in different days of Brahma (kalpas), or to different universes.
  • 39:00 We think of the Lord in the universal form, become situated in pure goodness, then we can understand the Lord in His spiritual form.
  • There is no such thing as different dimensions, other than those we know. Such an idea is a leftover from nuclear physics. There is only 10 directions.
  • The actual '4th dimension' is the spiritual world. But it just depends how broad is our perception.
  • If we are going to accommodate acintya-bhedabheda-tattva, the structure of the universe is not too difficult.
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