Managing it's not the big thing. Having the vision of Krishna consciousness, knowing how to apply it in your life and teach others to apply it in theirs, that's the higher element, that's the element that you'll always have a job. Being a temple president, after a time it gets old. All managers retire in their fifties. So if you take the highest level, that the main thing is managing, or administration, then they have to retire from that.


We are going through this knowledge, but it's up to the individual to realize, but we are seeing that there is something else being talked about here. So it's not that there is a problem technically in what's happened in the past. The problem is is, their actual problem is stopping it at their particular point and not continuing. You know, in other words, stopping at third chapter and saying, "This is it, this is the conclusion, and Krishna says, it's bonafide, so no one should bother me." Okay, great, but don't preach it. Just say, " I am okay here, leave me alone," but don't say, "No, everybody else, what are you doing? Why you are... What's all this jnana, and the forth chapter?  Third chapter is enough, Krishna has said it." No, but we are talking 18th chapter here.

So in other words, it's a depth, it's not any different knowledge, all that He is saying in the 18th Chapter He has already said in the previous chapters, either allotted to it, or given very specific details. Now, He is giving the conclusion and how to practically apply it. So this is what's necessary. That is there, then you have those who are new, they get trained properly, those who are in the position, then they are going to be, see what they are doing in a better light and move through the whole thing better. Those who are more senior, then they can guide in these things. Does that make sense?

Yes, we see, it has nothing, no management, nothing political, nothing economic, doesn't cost anything. You know, I mean, more than it takes to get a Bhagavad-gita. Right? So what do they cost now?

Prabhu (1): 150 Rs

HH BVPS Maharaja: Okay, a hundred and fifty rupees, and you can start your own...

Prabhu (2): 200

HH BVPS Maharaja: Two hundred, you can start your own university. Right? Your own guild of Vaishnavas who are studying the essence, that's all it takes. All the Western universities, they started out at people's houses, in a veranda, they didn't have a campus. They just, wherever there was the teacher and wherever they could get a spot, I think it was Cambridge that actually was the first universtity to buy a land and build buildings specifically just for teaching the classes. Like that. And that was in 1200s. But before that, you just had the class where the teacher was, all other natural systems in the world, that's where you have it. The shiites at the Rabbi's house, and like that. And then the Rabbi's wife will come in and tell everyone, "Enough of all this stuff, now you got to do this, or eat dinner," or like that. So it's going on, it's the natural thing.

So that means, one doesn't have to have... One simply has to have facility and then start that. Does that make sense? So, in other words, it's a very different perspective. And we see, it's, it's not,  "Okay, that's one opinion," no, that's, it's the perspective that clears away everything else.  And you can say, "No, but they have the attitude." But then the teacher has to find the way in. But it doesn't require, the only element of history is to know what samskaras you are dealing with, so that you know how to get in, that's all, but it has nothing to do with them learning Gita or situating themselves nicely in self realization. And then once they are nice and they are a nice preacher and nicely situated, you can't go, "Yeah, but 30 years ago in his temple he did this!" You have to leave that alone. If he says, "No, I wanna be the temple president," then you bring it up, but no, if they are a preacher, then what's the problem? Does that make sense?

So that's the thing, Vedanta cuts beyond all this. So that's the thing, it's what's so perfect about it. So that's the full surrender, it's that one just, whatever situation you are in, you just deal with that with this knowledge in connection to Krishna, to please Krishna. Then there is no... Nothing else.


(From HH Bhaktividya Purna Swami Maharaja Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 18.66-67, Sastra Caksus course, Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sri Mayapur)

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