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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • Facilities are only in support to the qualities that we are trying to obtain. Without distinguishing, without using facilities to generate relationship, we continue to think that we will enjoy.

  • By the divine qualities, we are situated in the mode of goodness, we are illuminated, then we can situate ourselves in the transcendence. From the modes of passion and ignorance it is very difficult. But situating ourself in the mode of goodness happens by devotional service.
  • If the divine qualities are present, then one can properly engage one's nature in the devotional service.
  • 26:00 A quality is demoniac or divine depending on how it is used. Getting angry at those who offend devotees is divine. Demons get angry at small things, concerning their own prestige etc.
  • 30:00 Quality does not exist on it's own, it's manifest in a certain situation, with a certain activity, and that determines whether it is divine or demoniac.
  • 32:45 "Engaging our lust in Krishna's service"
  • 35:20 That we found a fault, that gives us feeling that we have gained lordship over that branch of knowledge.
  • It's very important to understand the principle, what makes the quality divine and what makes it demoniac.
  • "We are not just here to discuss things and taste the discussion. We are here to discuss, so that we know how to apply it in our life."
  • On the Brahman platform we are not controlled by the modes, we are just engaging them. If we are not controlled by ignorance, we might use anger, pride, harshness etc in Krishna's service, but otherwise it's a useless discussion.
  • 39:40 "Why don't we use those bad qualities for Krishna?"
    How does the gopis using lust for Krishna have anything to do with us?
  • Generally those who say that material world is false are the most absorbed in enjoying it.
  • Wealth will increase more and more - based on the second principle of the weakness of the heart.
  • Demons
  • Whatever demons feel like is what they think should be done, but it doesn't mean it's what should be done.
  • Truth it's not just facts. If things are engaged in Krishna's service, this is truth, otherwise it's untruth.
  • We only follow rules given by the acharyas - but to throw out even those is a manifestation of the demoniac whimsical nature.
  • If one knows the essence of pleasing Krishna, there is no need for so many rules. Rules come from those who know how to spontaneously please Krishna. But to just reject rules is whimsical.
  • Everyone is following a certain set of rules. One is inspired or spontaneous within a particular framework.
  • The Western culture is founded in the demoniac nature. But the people like all the divine qualities. We should be intelligent and deal properly, and then they will also be inspired.
  • All the arrangements in the material world are there because people want to have sex.
  • For the divine, the basis is difference between matter and spirit, following rules, then becoming spontaneous and inspired within that form.
  • Gross sense gratification and voidism are closely connected.
  • Mayavadis say that the world is unreal, with no foundation and no God in control.
  • Buddhists maintain that the world is produced of sex desire, even without people understanding it.
  • Carvakas maintain that world has no other purpose than satisfying one's lust. Jains say that the world is whatever you want it to be.
  • We have a machine that's not working properly due to people not having dealt with it properly. We now have to push the right buttons, but according to how people previously have previously dealt with it improperly, until it starts to work properly.
  • Demons have given up dharma, and are only interested in artha and kama. Due to ignorance, they also are not going to be liberated. But performing artha and kama with time will give no more facility. Therefore they invent their own religions.
  • You can talk about actual Vedic principles for many years, and no one catches it. But somebody invents something, and immediately all the devotees are doing it.
  • The rules are cultivating consciousness, and it manifests as certain qualities.
  • Many people have divine qualities, but they are not applied properly. For example, many people do a lot of sacrifice for their family. They have compassion for some living entities, but not for others.
  • What demons are doing is terrible, but by artificial means they create false honor.
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