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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • The duty doesn't change when the consciousness changes.
  • Separatism in devotional service happens due to the modes of passion and ignorance
  • People who like nice hotels, they are actually paying for the mode of goodness. Backpackers' is the mode of ignorance.

  • 20:00 Approx. Having people who just manage problem-solving is due to attachment to the mode of goodness
  • 25:00 It's not that the Vedic is a different technique. Of course, technique is better, because it's given by God. But more important is, the difference in the Vedic is the consciousness. You change the consciousness, that's the essential point. So whether you don't know so you are using some modern methods, or you know something, you are using Vedic methods, that's not as important as the consciousness. If the consciousness is right, then anything else can be engaged. But naturally, if the consciousness is right, as you become purified, you will naturally use the more superior systems. Why would you use an inferior system?
  • 32:00 Cultivation of knowledge adjusts passion and removes ignorance
  • Animals are in ignorance, forced by the modes of nature to perform their duties, and animal life is austere, so their life is purifying
  • Action in passion creates misery, because of attachment to the result, since the result, the field of activities is always changing.
  • Businessmen make money off of people's ignorance. Deodorant commercial.
  • 41:30 Businesses in the mode of passion and ignorance - passion sells fewer things that cost more, ignorance more cheaper things.
    Goodness is not going to make much money - unless it's a hotel that charges 12,000 USD per night
  • Passion, greed is gonna end in misery, because when person becomes greedy, he wants more than actually comes from particular endeavor.
  • 45:15 Consciousness defines the species.
  • 46:20 Religion is defined as rituals and beliefs, but everyone acts according to their nature. Businessman may be guided by Gita in his business (goodness) or by modern self-help books (passion or ignorance).
  • People who reject Vedic rituals, will still have their own rituals, for example middle-class Westerner rituals.
  • Unless person awakens direct knowledge of the soul (naturally in the mode of goodness) one must try to cultivate and practice the mode of goodness.
  • For some people, gossip magazine is their religious scripture, they take that what it says is true and they base their life on it.
  • Birth is purified when we engage whatever position we are in in the Lord's service. Otherwise, we can't control where we are born. But we can control what we do with it.
  • 62:30 Rupa Goswami, Jiva Goswami and dig-vijaya pandita, several morals of the story
  • Equipoised means to deal with everybody how they deserve, not exactly the same
  • Neophyte preaching creates problems. It's not culture or philosophy, it's improper presentation.
  • 80:00 Mode of ignorance increases, people go against Vedic food, Vedic dress, direct preaching etc. They give up dharma and work only on political correctness. They are actually not successful in anything materially or spiritually.
  • 88:00 Devotees think it's the technique, but it's the sincerity. Most successful book distributors have many techniques, and everybody wants to know them, but the actual thing is his mood, desire and sincerity that generates many techniques suitable to all people, but others try them, it may work or not.
  • 90:50 If we focus only on the externals, we throw out the baby with the bath water.
  • Just being a good wordsmith doesn't make us Krishna conscious.
  • 97:00 If external doesn't matter why devotees against Vaishnava dress are talking only about external
  • Thousand emails doesn't make falsity truth
  • Prahupada said there is no such thing as bad publicity. Devotees do not even have enough faith to turn bad publicity into good, although they claim politics is their field by being politically correct.
  • 105:00 Only modes are creating the good and bad. If we see that only the modes are at work, we are not affected.
  • If there is a problem somewhere, we have to change the person's consciousness.
  • Only those who are above the modes have the choice to follow or not follow the rules
  • Transcendental to body, one does not desire to enjoy the body and does not desire to get out of it.
  • Other processes try to develop specific modes separately. But only devotional service can change the modes to goodness.
  • Pandavas always use dharma, even to take revenge against Duryodhana
  • When we accept pure devotional service as our goal, the use of karma, jnana and dhyana yogas doesn't change
  • Neophyte thinks if you change the consciousness you have to change the form
  • To think that morality stands on its own without Krishna consciousness is demoniac
  • Since we are applying karma yoga, knowledge of the modes is important, because action of different modes gives different results.
  • If the consciousness is right, anything can be engaged, but if the consciousness is purified, one will naturally use superior things.
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