This course is part of Sastra-Caksus, Year 1 and consists of 91 lectures, available on:

Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • Karma, akarma and vikarma should be distinguished not by details, externals, but by principles, by consciousness
  • By changing consciousness, karma changes.

  • Hiranyakashipu was the most conscious materialist in the universe, therefore he was successful.
  • But then Krishna points out that it has meaning only if it is connected with Him.
  • 25:30 Recommendations of the scriptures are simply things that Krishna conscious people do in spiritual world
  • 30:00 Varna-sankara are dangerous, because their activities and mentalities are mixed. The elements of activity and consciousness should match.
  • 34:00 Krishna spends 3 chapters explaining proper karma, proper consciousness and their connection to Krishna.
  • 35:15 Example of book distributor not paying attention to driving, therefore the end of his book distribution.
  • Not understanding how form, consciousness and activities are connected, sentiment becomes the driving force.
  • 40:30 Difference between grihastha in grihamedhi is whether house is the center, or Krishna in the center. A grihamedhi may be very pious.
  • Devotees become overwhelmed by their position, just like demigods, therefore things don't work for them - distraction by karma.
  • By being focused on the moment, things work and good material results come, but Krishna consciousness has to be added to actually make it successful.
  • Devotees turning to materialists for advice of making material things successful is useless - only losers read self-help books.
  • 53:00 Devotees have nothing to gain, therefore their consciousness is not affected by success or failure. The experience of interaction with Krishna is gained, whether result from activities is gained or not. So devotees get more out of life.
  • By knowledge activities transform from vikarma to akarma.
  • 60:30 How do you forgive devotees?
  • 76:15 We may be like-minded in support of each other's illusions. We should choose association according to our desires.
  • 80:00 We should cultivate understanding of the qualities of Brahman in the material energy, and at the same time cultivate devotion to the Personality of Godhead
  • 94:00 If we think how to get only good feedback from media, nobody notices us
  • When we receive negative feedback, we should see whether there is actually something to consider or not.
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