Prabhu: It often happens that if a man preaches nicely to a woman, to a Mataji, then the Mataji will feel that this man would make a nice husband for me, so how can we avoid this? Not to preach? By not preaching to women, or by preaching in not so nice way to women, or...?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Either not preaching or keep it to the intellectual platform, because intellectual is appreciated, but just don't touch as much on the... Means, intellectual means, it's emotionally compatible, but it isn't emotional. You know? Does that make sense? Means, present everything logically and just stick to logic. Does it make more sense? Also, it's the mood, you just keep the mood formal, they catch moods like anything. Because they'll generally only respond to something that's available. You know what I am saying?

Prabhu: So the probably my fault was that I considered the lady to whom I preached due to my age as my daughter, and it didn't work...

HH BVPS Maharaja: If she became your wife, yes, it didn't work. If she latched on as a daughter, then it did work, but you also, besides preaching, also added a new relation.

Prabhu: So his problem theoretically or hypothetically is that it may occur that the man thinks that this girl would make a nice wife to me and that's why the girl reacts in the way? So it's the man who first thinks that this girl would make nice wife, that's why the woman reacts in such a way?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Not necessarily that he thinks, but just he leaves himself open. You know, in other words, it's just a specific kind of energy, because women can pick up what is the energy. First Canto mentions, they have a sixth sense for mood. Like if you want to know who on your list of brahmacharis are real brahmacharis and could be good brahmacharis, write all the names down, hand it to the ladies and tell them to tick off which ones are going to be the naishthika brahmacharis. Right? And that list that you get back, that's the real list. Yes? They know, they know who are the brahmacharis and who are the bachelors. Just they don't... They keep their mouth shut, that's all. Unless, of course, they want that bachelor.

(From Man Woman Interaction Seminar, part 6, Eger, Hungary, 2nd Aug 2007)

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