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My Relatives Love Me More Than Devotees…

Full Lecture Video, this passage starting 01:28:35

Mataji: Hare Krsna, I am trying to practice Krishna consciousness almost 30 years and I don’t have still friends who would love me more than some of my relatives, and we all need love. I don’t understand, is it love that I get from the relatives? So I even don’t know how to formulate the question… Continue reading My Relatives Love Me More Than Devotees…

Some Misconceptions About Ekadasi Fasting

Full lecture audio, this passage starting about 33:55

Reading from Bhaktivedanta Academy Study guide: “Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma welcomed Akrūra in a way just befitting his exalted position.”

HH BVPS Maharaja: So, according to his position then They did it in that way.

Reading from Bhaktivedanta Academy Study guide: “Srila Jiva Goswami elaborates: ‘Balarama was the knower of Vaishnava dharma, how to treat devotees, He knew how to welcome the devotees. It was the Dvadasi, time for breaking the fast, and especially Vaishnavas should be properly respected at that time. Balarama acted to teach the common people. He made Akrura pleased.'”

Mataji (1): Maharaja, on Dvadasi we may break the fast in the morning, but he has reached there in the evening. Continue reading Some Misconceptions About Ekadasi Fasting

How to Preach to a Dacoit

There is only the sambandha, abhidheya and prayojana.  Some may misunderstand or not have a full understanding of it, so they only take it to a certain level. That’s why then any thought, any action can be improved. Because you can always take from it what the essence is; then based on that sambandha, abhidheya and prayojana take it to a higher level. This is very important for preaching. You understand this – you can preach. The more you understand it, the more you can preach, the less you understand it, the less you can preach. People are unable to get anything across to anybody because they don’t understand this at all, they take the externals.

Means, somebody is engaged in an activity, the guy is a dacoit and he is the head dacoit of all his gang. And in the neighborhood, they are making trouble. So now we start with this: you want to make this dacoit a devotee. What do you start with? If you don’t know what you are doing, ‘Oh, all you are doing is wrong, you go to hell!’ is that going to resonate with this dacoit? What might be resonating is his gun after he has pulled it out and shot you in the head. But other than that it might not be getting very far.

The point is, he wants to see authority being established. He wants to see proper etiquette established. He wants to see that from that following of that there is profit and result. Does that sound Vedic or not? Because by proper performance, proper understanding of your position, proper performance of your duties in relation to others’ position – that dharma gives artha. That’s why they are getting a result -because they are the head of the gang, the others respect him, follows his orders and instruction, because of that they are getting their results. Because what they are dealing with is very meager, the results are also meager. Or they may be great, but they are temporary. They got lots of money, but they lose it very quickly. Someone else shoots down and steals it, or they spend it because they don’t have any value for the money.

The point is, they are following the same principles that we are, but they don’t know that they are doing it and their detail of it, they are using it on such a low level, but it is still the same process, that’s why it works. There is nothing that works in this world that is not following the Vedic authority. Foolish persons try to claim that the Vedas don’t apply now, but these foolish persons are uninformed. The Vedas always apply. So the idea is to educate yourself so that you can actually see how the principles are always at work.

So now the point is, you are an authority but then the point is, there are bigger gangs than you, so there are bigger authorities, so you also have to be careful with them. So keep going, so then there is the one who why does all this work, why is it that my… Who made the principle that might is there, who created might? So that is God. So He is the Supreme authority. And this etiquette is there, and that works in here. But if you expand it that He is the Supreme authority, that means also that you have etiquette in your gang and between gangs, but there is also etiquette between those who are not in gangs. So they are also a group. Generally known as mushrooms… So there are considerations there so you can take it beyond that there is another consideration.

These people also want to follow their authorities, make their profit. Your gang wants to do, another gang, that is correct. But why not do in such a way that nobody is disturbed? So you can slowly slowly start to elevate. They are offering respect to you, you protect them. And slowly you can introduce all these different qualities and the connection with the Supreme Lord. So then you are able to elevate them. So then they can be someone who could manage within the society, protect the devotees, that are underseeing that Krsna’s interests are maintained and be very dynamic about it. And they would give up methods that would be inappropriate now for because the point is, those methods were detail. The principle is, you are trying to effect something, you are trying to get something done, you are trying to get a result so that all remains in place. But the person doesn’t lose any enthusiasm, he just redirects it and how he thinks so it is still the same principle, it is not something different.

(From Science of Inquiry Lecture, 17th Oct 2008, Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur)

Transcription by Uddhava Priya Pr., used with permission

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If We Try to Be Paramahamsas, but We Fail…


(From questions after talks on Mahabharata, Budapest, Hungary, 2011)

Question: The question is connected to our previous discussion about ksatriyas and how it’s defined what we should learn, what we should do and what is their positions. In our life we see that we start practicing Krishna consciousness, we understand that the ideal is becoming a Paramahamsa and we try to act like Paramahamsas, we dress like highly elevated devotees…

Continue reading If We Try to Be Paramahamsas, but We Fail…

Devotees Should Not Base Their Social Development on Prana-maya

One only notices qualities one has. Now, you might notice them in the positive or in the negative. So you associate with those you see in the positive, but you have to be careful that the negative that you are seeing is actually negative and it’s not just that one has a negative view of the world. Because we have to remember, if we look at it from the modern context, the person who is considered socially better situated is one who can find fault in everybody else and they find association in others that find fault in the same way they do. If they find fault differently, then you are still bogus. Continue reading Devotees Should Not Base Their Social Development on Prana-maya



HH BVPS Maharaja: Something else? Yes, there is a hand, the unembodied hand.

Prabhu (behind a pillar): Recently we had a visiting sannyasi and the discussion went into who is qualified to be Guru and how do you choose a Guru. So the contention was from my side that the institution that we are part of, which Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati said, ‘Organized religion is a necessary evil,’ but the contention was that you have to ask sadhus who is qualified to be a spiritual master. Continue reading THE ROLE OF THE INSTITUTION IN CHOOSING ONE’S SPIRITUAL MASTER

Bathing in Radha Kunda

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is very kind, in that He manifested. Because they [the Shyamakunda and Radhakunda] were there, nobody knew about them, He could have just left it that way. Because here is the highest position, Govardhana is there, the highest spot, but within Govardhana then Radhakunda and Shyamakunda. Continue reading Bathing in Radha Kunda

Are Gurukula Kids Trained to Do Book Distribution?


Prabhu: I would like to ask a question about Gurukula, although I don’t have any candidates for sending there. As I understood that you spoke that they’re studying philosophy, I’m sure they study how to worship the Deities nicely and I’m sure they are studying how to make nice Vedic ceremonies. But I think the most important activity that Prabhupada meant, it was Sankirtana, book distribution. Are they prepared to do that or are they trained to do that?

HH BVPS Maharaja: To sell something, how much time does it take to learn? Devotees are doing so many things. They join Krishna consciousness… Continue reading Are Gurukula Kids Trained to Do Book Distribution?