HH BVPS Mahārāja answers devotee questions after a class in Śrī Māyāpura. Author and year unknown.

Prabhu: We see this practical example that neophyte association is very tiring for the senior people. So, they try to limit themselves from that type of association. But the neophytes, they need, for elevation, they need that association, but there it is some kind of conflict.

HH Bhaktividyā Pūrṇa Svāmī Mahārāja: Yes. So then, the point is is, if one wants to take advantage of that association, take advantage of that association on the level of that association. In other words, that association is good for hearing and chanting or just rendering service. Does that make sense? That aspect. But when we go into that association and we are, you know, in very great strenuous effort dragging behind us this very large bag full of all of our material baggage, and when we get into that association then we want to open the bag and bring out all the different things and then ask, 'What about this, and what about that?' And like that, that's where the tiring comes. In other words, if it is about hearing and chanting and that, where is the tiring?

Prabhu: Yeah, but then the difficulty for neophyte is that it is tiring for them. [Laughter]

HH BVPS Mahārāja: Yes, so, then I will give you a... It gives the mood, though it is a different context. It's a Chinese saying, okay, it says, it's about borrowing money. 'I give you money, you no pay, I get mad. You want money, I no give, you get mad. Better you get mad.' [Laughter] Okay?

Mātājī: We should write it down.

HH BVPS Mahārāja: [Laughter] Yes. So you take that much of association that you can handle on that level of Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and then everybody is happy. Because if you do more then the opportunity for that association gets less and less.

Excerpt from a lecture on Śrīmad Bhāgavatam Canto 9, given as part of Darśana Cakṣus Study Course, Bhaktivedanta Academy, Śrī Māyāpura. This passage starts at 23 min 13 s.
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