The influence of the Vedic culture is much greater than most people give it credit for. You are chanting Hare Krishna, and you are chanting out loud, how many unlimited living entities are there in the form of just germs in the air that are being put in contact with the holy name? The trees and bugs and everything, how many living entities? From that they are purified and elevated.

But a lot of times we think it is just these few people that we know and that’s it. So many tens and thousands of people engaged in Krishna consciousness, they know of it, and that is all the influence we have, and we are a bunch of small out-of-the-way little weirdos. 

We forget that there are 14 planetary systems, 13 of them, all they do is following Vedic culture, and on this planetary system, the 14th, there are 9 islands and 8 of them are following Vedic culture. All it leaves is this part of one of the islands where people are given the opportunity that if they don’t want to follow it, that is their option. But the whole rest of the universe, all the other universes, the whole cosmic creation is following Vedic culture.

So then you have a few of these mayayapahrta-jnanas and other things that are so proud to think that whatever little head space that they are able to accommodate and think about actually has some value outside of Krishna consciousness. Therefore they can have the audacity to try to speak against or break down the Vedic concept."

(From Lecture on Sri Isopanishad, Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur)

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