CHAPTER 23 started 25th Apr 2016 Lecture 1 at 08 min 40 s
  • From 4th Canto onwards descriptions are always connected to the Lord as a person and His desire.
  • The movements of stars and planets are complex so we do not become bored trying to figure them out.

  • Generally in Vaikuntha Vishnu is the King. But in Dhruvaloka the special arrangement is that Dhruva is the king.
  • Dhruvaloka is already there, but still the Lord manifests it for the sake of Dhruva Maharaja.
  • Fulfilling desires on an amazing level is always connected to devotional service. When we want something we can't get it. When we no longer want to enjoy things, then we can have them.
  • Why great devotees stay in this world - it is we who have problem due to attachment to karma and jnana.
  • Liberation is like going to dinner with good friends, but only focusing on our hunger going away.
  • The Time factor is a feature of the impersonal Brahman, but here the Lord has personally put the time factor under the control of Dhruva. Therefore Dhruva's position is higher than all the demigods, since even Lord Brahma has to act according to time.
  • Each position of the planets and stars is established according to their karma.
  • A planet means many people live there. Stars are each a particular personality.
  • Guru works on the quality of compassion - 'so many stars, no Moon.'
  • The Lord is arranging clouds and planets to float.
  • If one is actually scientific, it is natural to accept the Supreme Controller, otherwise how could the experiments get the same result in different places?
  • Even gravity works due to ropes of the wind.
  • Sisumara can be seen through meditation, or if we live up there.
  • Brahma is the engineer.
  • The demigods Dhata and Vidhata are day and night
  • Even blind chicken can find grain - the scientists agree that the Milky Way galaxy is coiled.
  • The parts of Sisumara that the nakshatras form would also explain their nature.
  • Krishna's potencies are all working together in one system as Sisumara. It's non-different from Him, at the same time it's imaginary, but still we can see the Lord in the creation.
  • We have to get to the point of seeing everything in the Lord.
  • Those who meditate on Hiranyagarbha merge into the body of Lord Brahma, but then go with him back to Godhead.
  • Everything is Brahman, and our forms also are Brahman, but how they function is generic. We think Brahman has no forms, but it has generic forms.
  • First is OM, then comes Bhur, Bhuvah, Svah.
  • For us liberation is brahma-bhuta, the bud of prema, otherwise devotees are liberated from the very beginning. Knowledge is useful up to liberation, afterwards it is all about Krishna, how to please Him and interact. Sat and cit is engaged for the sake of ananda.
  • 1hr 12 mins One scenario: we want sense gratification, so we will work together, even better if it's organized. Then if we are frustrated in our sense gratification we want liberation.
  • Another scenario: The Lord is the center, we are situated trancendentally to serve Him, therefore we perform dharmas to get results to engage in the Lord's service.
  • Dhruva Maharaja is only one, but there are hundreds of thousands of Lakshmis, so we can assist there.
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