CHAPTER 22 started 22nd Apr 2016 Lecture 2
  • The Lord establishes what is auspicious and what is inauspicious.
  • Calculating auspicious and inauspicious times makes us think, but actually all situations are supposed to be about the Lord, not just what's auspicious and inauspicious for us.

  •  Time is Krishna, time is movements and endeavor.
  • The Sun has a cycle of 60 years - the 5 vatsanas mentioned x 12 - for each Rashi.
  • If one practices brahminical culture properly, Jupiter is always favorable to them.
  • Nakshatras are above the Moon, but below the Venus.
  • Rahu is below the Sun.
  • Sometimes distances of planets from the Earth are given by how quick they move and complete their circles in the zodiac.
  • All planets move around Mount Meru every day, but with different speeds through the constellations.
  • Planets are moving counter-clockwise, but they are dragged by the wheel of time clockwise.
  • In this way Krishna in the form of time controls all, even though the planets are so powerful.
23rd Apr 2016 Lecture 3
  •  The potency of Sun god comes from the Supreme Lord. The form is that of a demigod.
  • The Sri sampradaya does not want to do anything with the demigods. The Madhvas respect them.
  • The time is very important to understand as a manifestation of the Lord.
  • The movement of the stars is the only one that is fixed. All other planets change their motions.
  • Without Dhruvaloka being fixed the universe would be like Kolkata traffic.
  • By adding 2 extra months in 5 years,  a 6th year begins just as the 1st, so it goes in 5 year circles.
  • When 2 full moons occur once in a solar month, an extra month is added.
  • Saptarishis pass one nakshatra in 100 years.
  • We see what confirms our ideas and beliefs - e.g. the trans-saturnian planets.
  • A lunar day may be 19 to 27 hours long.
  • Longer and shorter tithis are according to quicker and slower motions of the Sun and Moon.
  • The grass grows because of the Sun, but the grain matures due to the Moon.
  • 16 kalas, 16 tithis of the Moon, 16 faculties.
  • The Moon waxes and wanes, because he got cursed due to his attachment to Rohini.
  • Special rays from the Sun nourish each planet. The Moon is nourished by Sushumna.
  • Abhijit is in Capricorn between Uttarashadha and Sravana, overlapping them.
  • From the Sun to Dhruvaloka is Svarga.
  • Below Sun and above earth - Bhuvar.
  • Vakra=retrograde motion
  • Brahmanas don't worry about past, they deal with the present situation. They don't think, 'Due to what karma have I gotten into this?!' They just deal with the present.
  • We can only be in the present if we act according to shastra. That keeps the mind in the present and satisfied.
  • Masculine principle has to create the mode of goodness.
  • Both the bad and good planetary influences should be used to serve the Lord.
  • Time-place-relationship
  • Brahman-Paramatma-Bhagavan
  • Vraja is the most technical, rasa is the most technical. Mechanics just set the field.
  • Lilavati by Bhaskaracarya - treatise on Vedic mathematics - how to get into mathematics and still stay human.
  • Surya Siddhanta & Siddhanta Siromani.
25th Apr 2016 Lecture 1
  • Krishna is everything, but we talk of His manifestations where it's there to the greatest extent.
  • Cosmos means the total spiritual and material creation.
  • Universe means it's just this one brahmanda.
  • Sun is situated in the middle of antariksha between heaven and earth.
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