CHAPTER 20 started 21st Apr 2016 Lecture 2
  • If we accept sabda, with time we will have the anumana (kind-of understanding) and then pratyaksha - direct perception of what was heard.

  •  Anumana is how we infer something we can't see.
  • By seeing something in pratyaksha we can practically see and apply it.
  • Uttama adhikari can surpass the conditioning, since he deals directly with the soul.
  • We have to use the secondary given by Srila Prabhupada in our devotional life.
  • Krishna consciousness surpasses all material authority and sophistication. We can impress people with our Krishna consciousness.
  • "Just talk loud enough they can hear you."
  • The body size of the inhabitants of other islands is also probably bigger.
  • Hiranyagarbha may refer to Sun, Brahma, Garbhodakashayi Vishnu, Mahavishnu, or the universe itself
  • The mentality, the mood and the worship of the inhabitants of different parts of the universe are most important things to understand, only then the structure.
  • The outer the island, the more virtuous its inhabitants.
  • In Mahabharata there are 18 major parvas, which are divided into 100 smaller parvas, which are then divided into chapters.
  • If we take up the vision of the acaryas we will be able to see beyond.
  • The inhabitants of Plakshadvipa are worshiping Vishnu in the form of Sun.
  • Demigod worship is not a problem if the connection with the Lord is seen.
  • All benefit one gets from worshiping the demigods is due to worshiping the Supreme Lord to some extent.
  • Actually there is only worship of Krishna, but since people don't see it in the demigod worship, we call it inauspicious.
  • If we only see the Lord on Brahman and Paramatma platforms, that's as far as we get.
  • While preaching the uttama adhikaris will only deal with the purpose of the person's conditioned nature - like they desire security, so uttama adhikari will preach how the Supreme Lord is security.
  • While preaching, madhyama has to judge how the conditioning responds, uttama - how the soul responds, kanishta - whether conditioning matches.
  • People who are successful may be doing things in connection with the Vedas, but they don't know that connection, they attribute success to their own intelligence etc.
  • One only learns according to one's karma, therefore in the Vedic culture there was never a fear that the students would learn more than the teacher.
  • Sincere teacher and sincere student will always both learn.
  • Surya is the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is not just a demigod.
21st Apr 2016 Lecture 3
  • Shalmali is a silk-cotton tree. Very high quality pillows and quilts are made from the fiber inside dried flowers.
  • Day, tithi, karana and muhurta are all based on the Moon.
  • Aniruddha is the Supreme Lord as the goal. Everyone has a goal, but they do not know that it's Him.
  • On the Moon there is fire and flames, but they are mild and pleasing.
  • When all the sons of a king rule together they live with the elder brother like their father.
  • Dvijas divide their property and give it to their sons before taking vanaprastha.
  • Changes in the universal structure can only be done within certain boundaries, and those are already set. Men doing artificial crossbreedings etc are still acting within certain boundaries. Introducing new things - it is already set that at a certain point they will be introduced.
  • The varnas on other islands have a particular quality each and are called by that.
  • By worshiping the demigods the inhabitants of the various dvipas carry offerings for the Supreme Lord.
  • Hari is the remover of all miseries. Kala, karma and svabhava do not trouble the souls by the grace of Hari.
  • Churned yoghurt means it's smooth.
  • There is a certain flavor why the particular human would be on a certain island, in a certain section.
  • Actually yoga is meant to maintain perfect health to focus on the Supreme Lord.
  • Disturbances in the body are due to dysfunctional life airs.
  • One who is doing devotional service is actually in proper health.
  • Dhruvaloka is just above Svarga.
  • There are 12 Adityas, each of them is performing the job of riding the Sun's chariot for part of the time.
  • Brahma is karma-maya, the form of ritualistic ceremonies.
  • Varuna is asura-maya, he gives shelter to demons.
  • When we worship the Lord and the spiritual master, the Vedic knowledge is actually revealed.
  • The inhabitants of Pushkaradvipa worship the Lord only by meditation.

22nd Apr 2016 Lecture 1

  • The Lord is called the creator, since He actually maintains everything, and that is the most important thing. Maintainer is always more prominent, one who puts things to use.
  • Universe is maintained by the Lord, but He is doing it is some interesting way - through elephants etc.
  • Hiranyagarbha has multiple meanings.
  • The Sun is the reflection of Brahman, that's how it has the potency to illuminate.
  • Vairaja is also the lotus of Lord Brahma, it is effulgent due to all living entities present there. The sun globe is also the total aggregate of the jivas.
  • Sun, the masculine, gives light, heat, maintenance, but the nourishment comes from the Moon, the feminine.
  • In Goloka Vrindavana the luminaries are there, but they are not required for illumination. Moon phases also change, and gopis dress according to that to blend into the forest and not be seen.
  • There is no problem of overpopulation, since most part of the universe is uninhabited.
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