Mode of Goodness and Attaining Result

“In dealing with the Lord, the mode of goodness is the recommended element that the time factor is establishing because that’s the present, that’s acting in an appropriate way in the present moment. So that’s what’s going to get results done. Why the present? Why not past and future? Because future you cannot do anything about, unless you deal in the present, and the past is gone, you can’t actually change it, you can change the effects of it by what you do in the present. So the present is the only aspect of time that’s recommended, and that’s controlled by goodness. Future – by passion, past by ignorance. So the mode of goodness is the recommended position. That’s why then the Vedic lifestyle is geared around trying to cultivate the mode of goodness – the standards of cleanliness, how one dresses, how one eats, how one interacts with others, the standard of respect one has for others, one’s duties, how one interacts based on those duties, all that’s designed to create goodness, so that the present moment that you are performing an activity actually gives you a valuable result.”

– 31st Jan 2016, Bhagavatam class, Sridham Mayapur

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