Full lecture transcription [link not active yet]

  • One who acts unrighteously and does not deal properly with others, can never be happy.
  • One’s prosperity may continue even though one does not act properly, but that is simply continuing from the previous life.
  • Would it be easier for us to realize that we are wrong, if reactions came immediately?

  • In former times there was an understanding that wealthy people also had good character, but nowadays it is not so.
  • One should not accept too many presents as an occupation.
  • If one does not know the rules of accepting gifts, better not to accept them.
  • Ignorant man is destroyed by accepting presents. Gold and food destroy longevity, cows and land.
  • A person who is not performing austerities and not studying the Veda is not qualified to accept presents. If one does, one degrades himself and the giver.
  • One should not offer anything to person who acts as a cat or heron.
  • Downcast look indicates the influence of Rahu.
  • One who performs atonement should not hide his sin on pretext of a vow. Vow performed under false pretense goes to the rakshasas.
  • If one wears dress of other varna or ashrama and uses it to gain livelihood, he takes up the faults of everyone in that order.
  • One should not use water tanks belonging to others, better use natural ones.
  • One should follow one’s main duties and not neglect them while performing little details – that is deception.
  • Manu gives rules for all life situations. It is not necessarily that we will encounter all of them very often.
  • 28:25 A brahmana must never eat a dinner at a sacrifice that is offered by one who is not a srotriya, by one who sacrifices for a multitude of men, by a woman, or by a eunuch. (Manu Samhita 4.205)
  • HH BVPS Maharaja: By a woman – by a woman, means, if she is there, what’s her authorization? It means she is doing it on her own, something like that. No, it has to be that the other men of the family, the father, the husband, the son has authorized. Then that’s not being done by the woman.
  • In former times rich courtesans would always perform sacrifices, but one would not go to such sacrifices. Being a priest at her sacrifice would never be the first option for a brahmana.
  • Eunuchs have their own scene, brahmana is not supposed to be involved there.
  • One should avoid food that is physically or subtly impure, given by sick, intoxicated, angry men.
  • Are ants pure?
  • Food given without respect should not be accepted.
  • Brahmana should not accept food from an artist, but it is not a problem if one artist feeds another.
  • Charity should be given with faith. The charity of a miserly srotriya is not as good as that of a faithful banker.
  • One may overdo direct activities of devotional service, but ordinary day-to-day activities should be performed with proper balance.
  • One should perform sacrifices and give charity with wealth acquired through the performance of one’s duties to worthy recipients.
  • One should be careful whom one gives charity, especially on the material platform.
  • One should always give when asked, even if very little.
  • The gift of the Veda surpasses all other gifts, it is full of all gifts therefore it is the highest gift; therefore giving Krishna consciousness is the highest charity.
  • Gifts should be both given and received respectfully, then both sides are benefited.
  • One should not become angry at brahmanas even though tormented by them.
  • One should not exaggerate or boast about pious activities one has performed.
  • One should slowly accumulate spiritual merit without bothering others.
  • Only spiritual merit accompanies person in the next life.
  • The Upanishads deal with the world without attachment.
  • All Vedic literatures have the Vedanta aspect.
  • One should always shun the company of low class men – those who have no faith. And one should always associate with those more advanced than oneself.
  • Even though one lives by begging, one should still give in charity. It is everybody’s duty.
  • One may accept various things offered without asking, even from a sinful man, because the only purpose people would offer things on their own is their faith, and in that way things are purified. Also, person living by amrita is more qualified, therefore he can purify more sinful people.
  • If one disdains a freely offered gift, for 15 years demigods and pitris will not accept one’s offerings. If one does not need a particular gift, one may give it in charity to someone who needs it.
  • What to do if devotees are offered meat or alcohol. One may sit next to plants and pour it out.

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