Full lecture transcription [link not active yet]

  • Brahmanas should not do things that are useless or impure. They don’t just spend their time in idle pursuits or pleasantries, they do something useful.
  • One should not slap limbs, grind teeth, make strange noises etc.
  • Certain metal dishes promote lust – white brass, bell metal, so they should not be used.
  • Grihastha should not use things used by others other than Mahaprasada of the Lord.

  • One should not travel with animals who are not in proper health or of good behavior.
  • There is a type of ghost that eat nails; clipping nails in improper place also attracts thieves; so nails should only be clipped preferably in bathroom.
  • To be an informer is not considered a noble profession.
  • Garland should not be worn around hair – that is done on dead body. In some sampradayas sannyasis also do that, since they are socially dead.
  • Brahmanas prefer to wear shoes that can be put on and taken off without using hands.
  • One should not eat sesame grains after sunset, since they are hard to digest.
  • One should not sleep naked.
  • One should eat with feet still wet – that will give long life, but one should not go to sleep with feet wet.
  • One should not go into place that is hard to access, difficult to examine by sight, cross river swimming – a brahmana should never put his life in danger.
  • One should not stay together with various sinful and low class men.
  • One should not give a shudra advice, remnants of one’s meal, food offered to gods, should not explain him sacred law or impose a penance upon him – one should not get involved in the life of a common person, unless asked for it.
  • After bath one should not put oil on the body, since it will pick up dirt.
  • One should not accept gifts from a king who is not kshatriya (because he would accumulate more sins than kshatriya by his rule), butcher, oil manufacturer, alcohol seller, prostitute keeper.
  • In case such people offer gifts, they may be accepted, but should be used for Deities etc, not for oneself.
  • Mineral oil is supposed to remain in the earth to create proper balance.
  • Nowadays many professions are sinful.
  • One oil press is as bad as 10 slaughterhouses, one tavern as bad as 10 oil presses, one brothel as bad as 10 taverns, one king as bad as 10 brothels. So king is equaled to butcher keeping 100,000 slaughterhouses.
  • A brahmana should not accept maintenance form a king, unless there is absolutely no other choice.
  • One should awaken early, think of spiritual merit and bodily fatigue arising from difficulties in material life.
  • There is no problem in doing more japa or other spiritual activities.
  • Upakarma is the beginning of season of study: from month of Sravana (for these studying Rg and Yajur) or from Bhadrapada (those studying Samaveda). Studying season is specifically for studying new material of Veda. At other times one repeats what one has learned, or studies Vedangas.
  • One studies Veda (learns mantras) during bright half of the Moon and Vedangas during dark half.
  • If one has waken up early and feeling tired, one should not go back to sleep during Brahma-muhurta.
  • One should stop the study of Veda when there are bad omens, danger, weather out of season.
  • One should not study on New Moon, Full Moon day, 8th and 14th day. One should not recite in impure place or when oneself is not pure.
  • Those are the rules that do not apply to the Holy Name.
  • One should also not have intercourse on New Moon, Full Moon day, 8th and 14th day. New Moon day study/intercourse destroys the teacher/husband, 14th day student/wife. 8th and Full Moon day destroy remembrance of the Veda.
  • One should not bathe after a meal or in an unknown pool.
  • One should not step of shadows of superiors.
  • One should not pay particular attention to enemy, friend of enemy, wicked man, or another man’s wife.
  • On should never despise kshatriya, snake or learned brahmana.
  • One should not despise oneself in failure. One should think how to make it work. One should always seek fortune – the best fortune is Krishna consciousness. Lamentation never works. Taking shelter of Krishna does.
  • One should say what is true and pleasing.
  • One should not travel too early or too late, at midday heat; alone, with shudras or with unknown companion.
  • One should not make comments and jokes of people based on their physical or social situation.
  • The highest duty of the brahmana is chanting japa and study of the Vedas. They should always be continued under all circumstances.
  • Impure things like water from bath, food remnants etc should be removed far from living place.
  • One should always be respectful to superiors.
  • One should always follow virtuous behavior. It destroys the impiety of previous births.
  • Dependence on others give pain, dependence on oneself give pleasure.
  • One should perform those virtuous acts that give one pleasure.
  • One should never quarrel with relations and superiors, or even juniors.
  • One may only chastise son or disciple to correct them, not anybody else.
  • It is extremely sinful to threaten or cause physical injury to a brahmana.
  • One should always continue righteous behavior, even if suffering. Unrighteousness cuts off all prosperity at the root. Unrighteous people will be destroyed at least in the 3rd generation.
  • One should not even do pious activities if they disturb others, if it can at all be avoided.
  • One should not be uselessly active.
  • One should not have quarrels with any family members. By avoiding quarrels with them one obtains various blessings.

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