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  • One who has grain, but is not giving anything to brahmanas is like a killer of brahmanas.
  • General tax that goes to the king is 1/6th. In emergencies the king may take up to 1/4th.
  • Business is half truth, half lie, because businessman can never honestly tell what price he bought the thing for.

  • If one is just gleaning grains, one should also do a lot of sacrifice, preaching etc.
  • For the sake of maintenance one should never live the way materialists live.


  • One should not accept gifts from an unqualified person. If they give, one may use such gifts for one's maintenance.
  • When rich people give money to the poor, they do not actually get better, since they are taking on the karma of the rich people.
  • If one is overly attached to something one should contemplate its worthlessness.
  • One should maintain oneself anyhow, but continue one's study.
  • One should dress according to one's position.
  • One should study various scriptures. Bhagavatam is enough, but if one is dealing with other areas, the more one understands them, the better.
  • One should always be engaged in personal sadhana and in expansion of the preaching mission.
  • One should receive guests with all respect, even if they are enemies.
  • Certain people should not be honored even by speech: impostors, those who live like cats and herons etc. Living like a cat means performing religious duties to gain facility and respect. One who looks down, thinking only of their own profit, dishonest, cruel and falsely gentle, acts like a heron.
  • If one is pining with hunger, one may beg from the king.
  • One who has money should never remain hungry or wear old clothes etc.
  • One should always keep nails, hair and beard cut. Grihastha should wear white. One should not look unkempt.
  • Looking at the rising or setting Sun increases lust. However, Sun in the Holy Dhama is different.
  • One should not do things that endanger one's life.
  • Brahmanas do not look at their reflection without a purpose.
  • We should pass things turning our right side to them.
  • One should not approach woman in her menses, one should not look at her while she is eating, sneezing, yawning, dressing etc.
  • Without training men cannot distinguish between sensuality and sexuality, so they should not look at women when they are sensually engaged.
  • Women, children and sannyasis may bathe naked, but grihastha men should not.
  • Men seeing childbirth reduce their life by half.
  • There are certain areas where one is authorized to use for answering calls of nature.
  • If one passes urine while standing, a minute amount of semen is lost in the process.
  • One should not pass stool directly on the ground out of respect for Bhumi.
  • If one does not follow proper rules for evacuation etc, one's intelligence perish.
  • One should not blow on fire or put one's feet towards it.
  • One should associate with women only for important business, not otherwise. While establishing relationship, in the 'romantic window' one may associate more, but once the relationship is established, one only spends time as needed. Women anyway don't like men around unless there is some important business.
  • If one has some business with women, mind will think of that. If there is no business, one will think of sense gratification.
  • One should not eat and sleep during twilight.
  • A brahmana should not waste time.
  • One should not sleep in a deserted building.
  • One should not wake a superior who is sleeping, or offer advice to a superior.
  • One should not go where one is not invited.
  • One should not live where law is not obeyed, go on a journey alone, dwell alone.
  • One should not eat very early in the morning, or late at night.
  • One should not exert oneself without a purpose.
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