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  • Gifts and offerings should be given to worthy recipients, especially in the sraddha rite because it is meant for the benefit of others.
  • Sraddha rite will only work if the brahmana fed is qualified.
  • Inviting devotees one should take care that the company is compatible because the point is quality interaction.

  • For people who criticize others - they should all be invited together in one group.
  • Very few people are actually interested in interaction with devotees while taking a meal - most only want to get free meal. Others just don't know how to behave - they criticize prasada, tell about being diseased etc.
  • 'Panda eats shoots and leaves.'
  • Many devotees don't know how to behave while eating.
  • 24:00 Devotees take eating as a bodily activity, not as an aspect of Vaishnava culture.
  • 28:00 'Getting the mercy'
  • We don't have to follow so many rules because we feed devotees, but we have to feed devotees properly.
  • 32:20 Maharaja doesn't remember last time eating outside Gurukula where the arrangements were proper.
  • Devotees do not take advantage of devotee culture, the loving exchanges between devotees.
  • Devotees only take extremes of either being totally in maya, or so strict and rigid that senses cannot and should not be engaged at all.
  • One just has to chant Hare Krishna to go back to Godhead, but at the same time many devotees get distracted because Vaishnava community does not function properly.
  • Proper and improper behavior by devotees honoring prasadam.
  • BVPS Maharaja serving prasadam to Tamal Krishna Maharaja.
  • Many people do not like Bengali preparations because they have to be eaten in a certain order.
  • Offerings should be carried carefully, with both hands.
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