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  • When wife is radiant with beauty, house will be bright. That means, she is happy.
  • One should not connect, through marriage, to low class families. Low means they do not perform sacred rites, do not study scriptures and do not honor brahmanas.
  • There are 4 Maha-papas (mortal sins), and the 5th sin is to associate with people who perform those.

  • Artha is money coming from dharma as if from a bank balance. It is not possible to actually generate money through artha. Artha is simply means to draw it out.
  • The whole material creation spring from a spark of the Lord's splendor. His actual splendor is interaction with His devotees.
  • By performing pure devotional service one receives all material benefits automatically. Mixed devotional service will not automatically lead to pure devotional service.
  • We should work at progress in devotional service minimum as hard as we would to make money.
  • To do devotional service with the thought of what are we getting for ourselves is not a pious mentality.
  • Wealth came to Karna very easily (he was suddenly handed a kingdom by Duryodhana), but that is because he is so charitable - just as easily he could give everything away.
  • Even the grossest materialist can understand the law of karma.
  • A cultured family does not necessarily have to be rich.


  • A grihastha has 5 obligations by the law of the universe. By devotional service they get covered, but one actually has to be performing devotional service.
  • A householder has 5 slaughterhouses: hearth, grinding stone, broom, pestle and mortar, water vessel.
  • Sacrifices to counteract sins and repay one's debts are: teaching and studying as sacrifice to Brahman; water and food offered to the manes; burnt oblations - sacrifice to demigods; Bali offering to the bhutas; hospitality and reception of guests - offering to men.
  • Brahmachari, vanaprastha and sannyasi do not have such obligations because they are fully dedicated to the spiritual.
  • There are so many devotees in Mayapur, but we hire people to pick flowers and Tulasi.
  • Indians in any situations will figure out how to cook and eat, Westerners - how to have sex.
  • Manes are forefathers who are no longer alive.
  • More calories are used by the brain than the body.
  • Material things work when we work at them.
  • Why would Maya fully release us if we are still interested in her?
  • If we want result in religion, we have to work at it. Are we working as hard to please Krishna as we would for a material desire?
  • When one joins Krishna consciousness, one progresses spiritually, but materially one remains at the same place, unless there is appropriate endeavor. If one leaves Krishna consciousness, one returns to the place where one was before.
  • We can't apply sentiment to the science and then expect to get good results.
  • A devotee cannot blame anyone for inability to enjoy the material life, just as a celebrity cannot blame the industry for not being able to have any private time.
  • Even a sinful person gets benefit from a pious activity.
  • Only prasada offerings could relieve ghosts from their ghostly bodies.
  • Devotees performing devotional service do not need to perform the 5 sacrifices, but one has to explain how these rules are included in the devotional service.
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