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  • One can only understand things properly through submission.
  • While giving a class people who have come are showing interest, so we speak to them. Otherwise we should not speak if there is no one interested.
  • Sandhis are always used for spiritual life. One should not sleep during those times.
  • When acquisition of spiritual knowledge, acquiring wealth and sense satisfaction should be balanced, life goes properly.
  • Women and children (and other untrained people) should always be encouraged if they want to do something proper.
  • Balancing sadhana, service and family life is a matter of proper prioritizing. In Vedic education one starts learning it from a very young age.
  • Teacher represents Brahma, father - Prajapati.
  • Brahmachari shaving or not shaving is a matter of situation (Pancaratra followers shave, those living in the forest might not), but the principle is that brahmachari does not care too much about his physical appearance.
  • One can never repay the effort put in by one's parents in raising us, even in 100 years.
  • One has to do what is agreeable and beneficial to parents and teachers, but still it has to be things that are in line with the scripture.
  • In the Vedic system everyone focuses on their duties, obligations, and that is how everyone's rights are met.
  • Things of value may be learned from anybody. Good wives, learning of sacred knowledge, rules of purity, good conduct and various arts may be inquired from anybody. But from a lowborn person one should learn just that particular art only, and nothing else. A lifelong relationship is not maintained.
  • The student takes a vow for a certain time of study and keeps it.
  • Gaudiyas use Sama Veda for their yajnas, Sris use Yajur, Madhvas - Rig Veda.
  • Highly learned means good character, service attitude and knowledge of the Vedas.


  • One should marry a wife of equal nature who is endowed with auspiciousness.
  • A couple may have a good compatibility, but still they need to work on their relationship. Otherwise any insignificant thing may cause separation.
  • A couple whose natures are matched will produce children with a clearly cut nature.
  • Satyavati, even though appearing to be fisherman's daughter, was actually the daughter of Uparicara Vasu.

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