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  • The results of all activities will ultimately be finished, but the chanting of transcendental sound is eternal.
  • Truth means that the activity must be in connection to the Lord.
  • The chanting of the Holy Name is the best of all activities.
  • Prayers are 10 times more powerful than Vedic sacrifices. Silent recitation is 100 times more effective, utterances in the mind - 1000 times more powerful.
  • We decide what way to chant according to the situation. The comparison is only given to show that one has to be increasingly focused.
  • If the mental chanting is going on, it is already in the heart.
  • We become too distracted by forms and think them to be all in all. We have to be able to discern between primary and secondary.
  • We are used to over-emphasizing certain forms and putting down all others, just to establish our own superiority.
  • Without Pancaratra no mleccha or yavana will be chanting the holy name.
  • Human life means one has to know the essence and one has to be friend to all creatures.
  • If no divorce is accepted one will be much more committed, and also one will make all endeavor to properly choose a partner, knowing that it is for the whole life.
  • Knowledge of Kama Sutra was originally given by Nandi, Lord Shiva's carrier in 1,000 chapters. Now most of the knowledge is lost.
  • Modern man is just as bound to following the rules as before, but they do not want to acknowledge it.
  • 12 yr old girl thinks of details of their future house, the 12 yr old boy would no have a clue.
  • Man who does not know how to deal with wife is not even smart materially, since it would be much cheaper to hire a servant.
  • Serving tea in ISKCON restaurants and quoting Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati serving meat to the British - BSST would not do it for business, he would pay so the British would come and hear his preaching.
  • People who want to break the rules, make rules about how to break the rules.
  • Expertise in the material field will truly happen when one is cultivating true knowledge. Skills truly work when there is proper qualification.
  • Even one uncontrolled sense can make the man's knowledge to slip away.
  • The real success is how to control the senses - how to engage them in the Lord's service. Therefore Bhagavatam is the perfect self-help book.
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