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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, November 2011-April 2012

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • The faith in the demigod is given by the Supreme Lord, but still the demigod is just an officer and cannot give anything without the sanction of the Supreme Lord.
  • By worshiping demigods it only appears that we are not bothering the Supreme Lord. In any case, He has to arrange everything.

  • If a demigod is charge of giving something, he will be delegated to do so by the Supreme Lord when we approach Him. But our relationship will be with the Supreme Lord, and efforts to respect etc will go to the Supreme Lord, and not to the demigod.
  • To be able to effect creation, on has to exist before it, and to be able to effect annihilation, one has to exist after that, so the Lord has to be beyond.
  • It is not that one can be just a mudha, naradhama, asura etc, one may also be all at once.
  • Our bodies are symbols of ignorance, but Krishna's body is a symbol of knowledge, eternity and bliss.
  • 39:30 The Lord never interacts with the material energy, so wherever he steps, it is sandhini potency, represented by a lotus.
  • 44:30 Nondevotees do not understand how the Lord, being a person and having a form, controls the formless and all-pervading aspects. But He does so by His yogam aishvaryam.
  • Even though many Hindus worship Vishnu, they cannot be considered devotees unless they understand how He is different from the demigods.
  • Only one who accepts the transcendental position of the Lord is qualified to deal with the various Vedic scriptures and rituals.
  • 57:00 It is not possible to collect all the benefits from both Vedic and non-Vedic lifestyles.
  • 63:30 Being personal is the natural tendency of the living entity. Even Mayavadis group together.
  • Demons always make new plans when baffled, but an intelligent person understands that the material world is what it is. They will work with it according to their duties.
  • Pious people are more in touch with the laws of the Lord, but not necessarily with the lawmaker.
  • The results of anything that the living entity is attempting for in karma, jnana and yoga, are given by Krishna.
  • Of karmi and mayavadi, mayavadi is worse association.
  • Modern impersonalists even don't follow Shankaracarya, who accepted Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  • Krishna will instruct a surrendered soul, but even those who are not surrendered, devotees will go out and try to save them.
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