• Applying principles in the present
  • Taking emotions into consideration
  • Four methods of learning

  1. Four factors of being able to focus
  2. If husband is not vegetarian
    1. Wife puts out more emotion than the husband
    2. Consideration of family life is the emotional content
    3. Companionship and communication is the basis of relationship
    4. Unless you apply intelligence, you can’t operate the relationship
  3. What should the wife do if the husband doesn’t do his duties?
    1. Self-realization, being comfortable with oneself
    2. Security within the relationship
    3. Two possible responses, if the husband did something wrong
    4. Treating other person, as one wants to be treated oneself
    5. Do not get too involved, if responses don’t come naturally
    6. Familiarity
    7. If relationship ever worked, it can work in the present
    8. “Date night”
    9. Self-help books
    10. Where to get strength to explain every time?
    11. Don’t get involved in a relationship if you are not ready to go through difficulties
    12. Problem with mother-in-law
  4. Relationship specifics between boss and workers, employer and employee
    1. Without focus and endeavor, no relationship will work
  5. Family business relationships

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