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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • 41:00 We can explain how to better smoke a cigarette using Vedanta, but how is it pleasing to Krishna?
  • 45:00 How to prevent psychological breakdown while practicing Krishna consciousness.

  • Reading from study guide: "Though engaged in all kinds of activities, Arjuna should always depend upon Krishna and act under His protection."
    HH BVPS Maharaja: Depending upon Krishna, dependence doesn't mean you do nothing. Dependence is dynamic. If you are dependent, then you act in a way that connects yourself with your source of dependency. So if the Lord is who we are dependent on, we act in such a way that we connect ourself to the Lord. Always under His protection - it's that the environment is given by Krishna, if we see that environment in connection to Krishna, then we are always protected. We don't see it in connection to Krishna, we are not protected, we are on our own.
  • 56:00 Only a fool and a pure devotee are happy
  • 60:00 It's the endeavor of the living entity to try to please Krishna that pleases Krishna. Not necessarily the success of his endeavor. To that degree that your nature is involved in success, to that degree one should be endeavoring to obtain that. In other words, if one is materially very successful, that means, you should be engaging material success in the Lord's service in your endeavor. If someone is not very successful, they engage the attempt to be successful, though they may never be. So just as the person who is not successful, but he is endeavoring to be, can become perfect, but they should never think, 'Oh, I can't become perfect because it's not successful,' the person who is able to generate material successful situations, shouldn't think, 'Well, I don't have to and I'll obtain the Supreme,' or that 'It's because I am attaining success, that's why I am developing nicely Krishna consciousness.' No, it's the endeavor to please Krishna, it's the bhakti element, that's the point."
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