“To do some other’s duty means you don’t understand yours. We will use the thing, “Oh, we are not this body,” but the point is what are you going to do the work with? The body. So if you are not the body, why are you using it? The rules are connected to the body, and you say, “Oh, we are not this body, Prabhu. So we can do whatever we want.” Yes, so, you as the soul do whatever you want. Leave the body out of it. The rules apply to the body, not to you, it’s true. That’s good. Good understanding. But the body is going to function according to those rules. You follow the rules, it works, you don’t follow the rules – it won’t work. So the thing that I don’t need to follow them is illusion. So therefore it won’t have a good result.”

– 14th Mar 2011, BG Sastra Caksus course, Mayapur

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