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Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • Mahatmas are not attracted by other forms of the Lord, by Brahman and Paramatma features.
  • Mahatmas are created by association, and they advance in association.
  • Maha Vishnu creates Mahat, Garbhodakashayi Vishnu enters it and does the primary.
  • 8:00 Mahatmas are focused, that means they have knowledge of sambandha, abhideya and prayojana.
  • Mahatma mentioned in verse 9.13 is the same as jnani mentioned in ch. 7
    They are focused, therefore they can be determined.
  • Jiva is Brahman, and its nature is adhyatma. Supreme Lord is Parabrahman, and He is the adhidaiva and adhiyajna.
  • 17:00 Proper preaching is to take the right element in someone's wrong conception and start from that.
  • Being worried about nature, about children, seeing value in that is also a form of worship of the universal form.
  • 21:30 How Ramanujacharya just switched the person's value from material nature to Krishna.
  • 27:30 Levels of impersonalism, why worshiper of the Universal form is higher than demigod worshiper, which is higher than ekatva-jnani
  • 35:00 Everyone's engagement in devotional service should be started from their position, not that everyone should move in the temple.
  • 45:00 The success of the Chowpatty temple is in their preaching mood, not necessarily their form of application.
  • One who is detached can see everyone's values more clearly, otherwise one only sees one's own value everywhere
  • Yogis only may start to worship the Lord in the last stages
  • 51:45 Krishna is the shelter and the goal - sambandha and prayojana
  • 52:20 Sacrificing for others, we are actually generating things, doing for ourselves it's simply our own karma
  • Krishna is the purifier
  • 55:30 Why is there chanting at the beginning and at the end of the lecture
  • 60:00 On the advanced platform one does not make distinction between Krishna's higher and lower energies
  • Krishna is all the mentioned things both in the material and in the spiritual world.
  • 62:00 When the living entity doesn't see Krishna, he has to constantly switch different aspects of the material energy, so that he doesn't get bored.
  • Advanced devotees can preach to anyone, because they see Krishna in any situation, any conditioning and know how to bring it in line with Krishna consciousness.
  • 64:00 Srimad Bhagavatam expanded from the chapter of the prayers of personified Vedas (sattvata-samhita)
  • 66:20 Material world is one quarter of the creation, but it only takes one spark of Krishna's potency to run it, because the reciprocation is not very great. In the spiritual world He is fully appreciated, therefore He can manifest fully.
  • Krishna's interest is to interact with devotees, therefore He appears to be partial. But He gives everyone equal opportunity to interact with Him and He reciprocates accordingly.
  • Krishna has no problem that devotees are getting material facilities, but ultimately it has to be about Him as a person.
  • 71:00 The demigod, the position, the potency that's there, what they give, how it's given, what you can do with it after you get it, the enjoyment you get - that's all Krishna. If one appreciates that, that's a good start, one will advance and be purified. But later one starts to think more about Krishna as a person.
  • Activities remain the same, but the focus shifts to Krishna as a person.
  • Taking care of devotees is not a burden for Krishna.
  • Being an Indra is a meager enjoyment for devotees.
  • Why do they chant Om before the Hare Krishna mantra at the end of their classes?
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