This course is part of Sastra-Caksus, Year 1 and consists of 91 lectures, available on:

Given in Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur, September 2010-April 2011

The following are lecture notes briefly delineating its contents.

  • We cannot be successful in activity, unless we know ourselves (self-realization) and how material energy that we are working with, is a reflection of the spiritual energy. Without sambandha-jnana our endeavors and results will not be proper.

  • 4:20 How endeavor in spiritual world is free from imperfections.
  • Scriptures simply define what Krishna likes and what He does.
  • Following scriptures without connecting it to Krishna is a nice waste of time.
  • Bourgeois culture reject following the scriptures for the sake of "being practical". Because for kshatriyas it must be practical, but also according to Shastra.
  • Any material success come from previously following the scriptures (last life). But if person does not continue to act piously, he will loose it.
  • We can only perform works according to eternal formulas established by Krishna. We can only be an instrument, we are not the subject.
  • Equality that businessmen are talking about is not possible, because business means that someone gains and someone looses.
  • There are many theories in modern economics, but in India there is only Niti shastra and Niti sutras.
  • Devotees make statements that shastras are theoretical, and then create their own religion.
  • If we are conscious of Krishna, everything becomes perfect, otherwise there is illusion and we are entangled.
  • Knowledge to perform proper activity is coming from intelligence, but experience comes from the mind.
  • Inspiration is where the two meet - intelligence has analyzed the field, the mind has accepted.
  • Krishna in the position of just knowledge is Atmarama, but when He does not know something under Yogamaya, He can experience pastimes.
  • 52:00 Understanding the immediate and the remote causes allows us to be situated properly in karma-yoga.
  • Actual naishkarmya is only possible when one is God conscious, without God consciousness nice qualities are used for our own purposes.
  • Religion defines what is pious and what will give you a good result
  • God consciousness means properly applying scriptures to the situation we are in.
  • 60:00 Full knowledge - understanding how Krishna is the remote cause, how he is involved in all aspects of work, free from proprietorship - everything belongs to Krishna, free from lethargy - having inspiration to please Krishna (after analyzing)
  • 1st group of 6 chapters - LEARNING FUNDAMENTAL MECHANICS
  • 2nd group of 6 chapters explain Krishna as a person, so that our understanding of whom we are performing activities for is increasing - ALWAYS REMEMBER
  • 3rd  group of 6 chapters -  NEVER FORGET
  • Understanding how Krishna is in everything, we are not entangled - but that's just sat aspect, that situates us on spiritual platform
  • Wanting to please Him as a person - ananda. Ananda from Brahman and Paramatma are aspects of the material world.
  • Impure desire comes first, then we become bewildered. Living entities fall to the material world from Brahman. The only difference between being in spiritual and material world is consciousness.
  • According to our consciousness, Krishna's Maya reciprocates as Yoga-maya or Maha-maya.
  • Confusion amongst devotees regarding where we fell from is because of attachment to thinking in terms of time and space.
  • Skill is not the big thing, it's Krishna consciousness. When one is Krishna conscious, any skill one learns will be Krishna conscious.
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