On Children Born in Devotee Families

Sixteen rounds is a minimum that's very dinamic. Sixteen rounds combined with service is a dinamic amount that one will advance nicely, because our idea is in one lifetime go back to Godhead, you know. Because you don't want to say, "Oh, I'll take a few lives," because you don't know what will happen. You know what I'm saying? You just have to look at the second generation, you know, what happens. Because what's second generation? Second generation is first generation who didn't make it. Do you understand? That's what they are. They're not casual kids.

Means, if the parents were devotees when they were conceived, they are devotees from before, right? If the parents became devotees later when they were young, then there is something more special there, then they're born like that. Does that make sense? So then that means, they were less advanced. Or just, you know, like that. But if they were born into devotee families, they were, you know, what you're looking at in the community here who didn't make it. You know, what I'm saying?

This is the point. Look at the community, what do they do? What are their problems? Look at the second generation, they have the same problems? Right? Why? Oh, no, but they're the great... No, they're the same people, you know. All it is is that you traded an old body for a young body, but the soul and the consciousness and the karma are the same. Does that make sense?

This is the mistake made by the devotees. Is they either think, 'Oh, they are pure devotees, we don't have to do anything,' or, 'You know, oh, it doesn't matter.' No, they're devotees, they've come back to continue, and if you don't create an opportunity for them to continue, why did they need to be born in your family? Wouldn't it been better to be born to some nice family, you know, in upper New York, where they would get into Harward and they would do all these things and they would do well on Wall Street. Why be born in your family? You know, what I'm saying? Like that. So they're born in a devotee's family because they're meant to do devotional service, and to get them to do something else that's criminal actually, you know.

You want to do something else, adopt kids, you know, kids somebody from Vietnam, you know, works for Jolie, you know, so like that, do whatever you like with them, you know. Does that make sense? The point is to get them to the understanding Krishna consciousness. So in other words, it's not just sentiment, you put the philosophy with it so they're very clear. Means, you can create the sentiment where they feel comfortable. But that can always be distracted again. So along with that you have to establish the philosophy.

(From Lecture on the Introduction to Bhagavad-gita, 1st October 2010, Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sri Mayapur)

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