Are There Avataras of All Species of Life?

Prabhu: When we read in the Bhagavatam that Krishna appears in all species of life to call back the living entities, how to understand this?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Means? Oh, okay. Means, we've already seen Him come as a Fish, as a Turtle, as a Boar, like that. So every species of life He is the origin of. So that means, there is a form. So there is, in Nrsimha Purana there is a description of Krishna's incarnation as a mosquito. That's a couple of minutes. So He manifests as a mosquito, all the demigods take the form of bees and they buzz around Him in a circle, and then the pastime is over. [Laughter] Like that, so...

That's it, so every species of life have something happening. So from what I've heard that Yamaraja has the descriptions of all 8,400,000 incarnations. Because all he does all day is commit people to these different forms, so that's the way he keeps himself Krishna conscious. But, you know, it's hard enough for us to just remember a few of them, let alone so many.

(From Man and Woman Interaction Lecture #8, 3rd August 2007, Eger, Hungary)

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