“Management is an art, it’s something that shudras can do very nicely. There are shudras who their art is management, they are very expert, but they can’t give shelter to people, they can only manage. So when you see management without shelter, you are dealing with vaishyas or shudras. But a good vaishya will give some shelter because he wants profit, and a good shudra, if he doesn’t want to be fired, he has to at least deal nicely with the people enough so that they don’t get  upset, otherwise his boss will kick him out. Because generally he will be hired by brahmanas, or vaishyas, or like that. Otherwise, the kshatriya, he is going to give shelter himself, he doesn’t need them to do it. But in any case, the people are sheltered.”

-13th Mar 1999, Manu Samhita Overview, Sri Mayapur

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