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Full lecture transcription [link not active yet]

  • For maintenance of dependents one may accept gifts from anybody, but one should not use them for oneself.
  • From one’s servant, cowherd, barber and similar shudras who one personally knows one may accept food.
  • When one offers oneself for service one should describe oneself honestly. One who lies about one’s qualifications is like a thief who steals himself.

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MAN WOMAN INTERACTION LECTURE #11 Eger, Hungary, 5th Aug 2007 Part 1

HH BVPS Maharaja: So any questions from yesterday?

Prabhu: So yesterday we heard about how to improve relationships, and I would like to know how do you… when the relationship ending [indistinct 01:04]

HH BVPS Maharaja: Ended means…?

Mataji: Open…

Prabhu: There is no more need of the relationship, so we can retire. Continue reading MAN WOMAN INTERACTION LECTURE #11