Electronic Association with Devotees

Prabhu: Maharaja, how much effect does electronic association [with devotees] have?

HH BVPS Maharaja: Electronic association? Depends on the quality. Let us say, you are going to hand-write a letter. And you scribble it out, then you just as soon as you finish scribbling it, you just fold it up and stick it in an envelope, seal it and send it, right? That's how you do it? No. What would you do?

Prabhu: Revise it.

HH BVPS Maharaja: Go back, read it, revise it. If there is something you are not sure, let it sit, because it's going to take weeks to get there, so another day is not a big deal. So, who does that on electronics? No. So, if they did that, it would improve the quality of it. But no, it's just a matter you get there, and how fast you can type, that's how quickly you did, and then, you know, you push the "Send" button, and that's all. So, basically speaking can't say there is a lot of association. Maybe a Podcast, because you hear the voice, you can hear the mood and everything like that. But other than that then it may be difficult. If somebody has done some research and that, has uploaded that... But an actual chit-chat may not be so much, unless it's actually just a chat, because then generally people keep it very short, and there are not big philosophical... You know what I am saying? So, it's highly restricted on how well it can help you and stuff.

(From Lecture on Bhagavad-gita 4.24-4.38, Sastra Caksus Course, 11th November 2010, Mayapur)

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