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Full lecture transcription [link not active yet]

  • Dualities of love and hatred are destroyed by suppression of breath. Sin is destroyed through focus in one’s prescribed duty. Sensual attachment by restraint, and false identity by contemplation of distinction between matter and spirit and constitutional position of the soul.
  • Sin comes from improper activity.
  • We are attracted to certain situations because they offer some benefits, but when we contemplate how people move through these situations as a result to their activities, we gradually lose interest in them.

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MAN WOMAN INTERACTION LECTURE #20 Eger, Hungary, 9th Aug 2007

HH BVPS Maharaja: So we see in conclusion of this process of buddhi-yoga is that one is trying to engage oneself fully in Krishna’s service. So body, mind and words are then engaged according to one’s natural propensities, and in that way then that full absorption then will mature into pure devotional service. Continue reading MAN WOMAN INTERACTION LECTURE #20