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Bathing in Radha Kunda

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is very kind, in that He manifested. Because they [the Shyamakunda and Radhakunda] were there, nobody knew about them, He could have just left it that way. Because here is the highest position, Govardhana is there, the highest spot, but within Govardhana then Radhakunda and Shyamakunda. Continue reading Bathing in Radha Kunda


If the devotee becomes offended by our activity, by our speech, by our whatever we do, that Krishna takes very seriously. Aparadha means against worship. Radha means worship, aradhana, so apa-aradhana, like that, means that which is against worship, or what perverts the worship or in some way disturbs the worship. So worship means, that is going on by the devotee, it’s not the rule, it’s the devotee who is performing that activity. Continue reading “HE WILL PROTECT ME NO MATTER WHAT”