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If the devotee becomes offended by our activity, by our speech, by our whatever we do, that Krishna takes very seriously. Aparadha means against worship. Radha means worship, aradhana, so apa-aradhana, like that, means that which is against worship, or what perverts the worship or in some way disturbs the worship. So worship means, that is going on by the devotee, it’s not the rule, it’s the devotee who is performing that activity. Continue reading “HE WILL PROTECT ME NO MATTER WHAT”


So the spiritual master is satisfied when he sees devotees eating Bhagavat-prasad, so this is one of the ornaments of a devotee, as he advances he is happy to see others eat. So those who become happy in seeing others eat or at least who are in a positive mood of tolerating other people eating, only they should be actually dealing with prasadam, cooking and serving. Continue reading ON COOKING AND SERVING PRASADAM

Deity Worship Seminar 1998 – Part 1


#1-#3 Puja classes 16-18 Apr 1998

Srila Prabhupada’s letter on cleanliness

#4 Puja class 21st Apr 1998

Dressing etiquette for women

Cloth cleanliness for Deity worship

Cleanliness standards for cotton, silk and woolen clothes
Difference between cleanliness and purity

Vedic Equal Rights and Women’s Education

The husband and wife are 100% equal at the time of conception of a child because it takes both of them equally to create a child. To conceive a child it’s completely 50/50, there is a complete equality at that time. So the whole idea in the Vedic culture, because we don’t want to encourage sense gratification, therefore if you separate the husband and wife that one is senior to the other, to some degree, just a little bit, even if it’s slight, it throws it off that platform. Continue reading Vedic Equal Rights and Women’s Education