If We Try to Be Paramahamsas, but We Fail…


(From questions after talks on Mahabharata, Budapest, Hungary, 2011)

Question: The question is connected to our previous discussion about ksatriyas and how it’s defined what we should learn, what we should do and what is their positions. In our life we see that we start practicing Krishna consciousness, we understand that the ideal is becoming a Paramahamsa and we try to act like Paramahamsas, we dress like highly elevated devotees…

BVPS Maharaja: No, we dress like gentlemen. Paramahamsas walk around without dress. (Everyone laughing)

Question:…we try to follow ideals, but when we fail and then we give up every sense of practicing…

HH BVPS Maharaja: Well, it would be good, if you’d be consistent in that. Because then we go out, you give up the Paramahamsa dress and then we go out and buy some that you would consider modernly fashionable, but even though we do look like a dork we don’t give that up. No? You know, we fail at interaction between men and women, we don’t give it up. We fail at becoming, you know, immensely rich, but we still try to get a few little bits and pieces. Our karmi clothes do look pretty sad. Not that they don’t cost money, it’s just we have no idea how to match them or how to wear them. So basically materially we’re not that great. But still you try.

So why don’t we apply that within the spiritual? Because we have faith in material. Even though I’m not good at it, maybe one day… Rigth? You know, Dilan said, you know, everybody gets their fifteen minutes, so we’re just hoping mine will come. Right? So why can’t we apply that same determination in spiritual life? We may not be successful, but still, if we have faith that this is what is beneficial and good, we’ll keep trying.

We’ll say, well, this spiritual that’s artificial, it’s not my culture and everything like that, but we’re not the body, so anything to do with any material body, it’s not us, it’s artificial. You know what I’m saying? That’s the point.

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