Bhagavatam Class 7.9.43 Sridham Mayapur

  • Everyone in the material world is making big plans, although their size differ.
  • People are bewildered because they do not know that they are just the instrument of material nature.

  • Durga controls people who are making plans, riding on her tiger carrier, the modes of passion and ignorance. Everyone under her care is struggling
  • The modern concept that we will be happier by more sense engagement is actually ignorance.
  • As we engage the senses, we become less and less happy. Otherwise there would only be happier and happier news.
  • People always want to hear about fresh disasters – this is their mode of ignorance.
  • Even those who do their duties nicely are also deluded by the illusory energy. They are performing duties in the mode of goodness for the purpose of passion, which means it’s the mode of ignorance. It’s just nice ignorance.
  • The actual “other side” is going back to Godhead.
  • There is only one first class thing in the material world – people are first-class fools.
  • Crossing Vaitarani separates the material world from the spiritual. It is very difficult, but taking shelter of the Supreme Lord and spiritual master it becomes very easy.
  • All Vedic religions respect the Lord and understand that all benefits are obtained by His grace. But most only respect the Lord to get those material benefits, so they don’t have any qualification for crossing Vaitarani, since there is no interest in what’s on the other side.
  • Prahlada Maharaja has crossed the river of death, but he is worried about people on this side.
Q. Does Prahlada Maharaja still have dual interest, since he is still interested in people on this side?
  • When one’s interest is fully in the Lord, there is only one desire. It’s simply different aspects of the same desire.
  • Mother Yashoda apparently has many different desires to serve Krishna, but they are all aspects of the same desire.
  • When we see everything as connected to the Lord, there is no separate desire.
  • All great devotees always talk about Krishna’s oneness with and difference from everything.
Q. Can Prahlada’s anxiety about people on this side cause him to fall from that side?
  • The concept that more than one desire is material, is impersonalism.
  • Seeing all living entities as part and parcel of Krishna, Prahlada wants to see them connected back to Krishna for Krishna’s happiness. As a preacher, he wants to pleas the Lord in this way, so both of considerations are on the other side.
  • Prahlada is in the boat, thinking about people in the water.
Q. What if people don’t grab the rope we throw them?
  • First of all we should worry about being in the boat.
  • The problem with pashandis is that they float on the ocean of Krishna prema, they are not drowning.
  • The great devotees are like sharks who go deep into the ocean to taste the nectar of devotion.
Q. Uttama-adhikaris see everyone as devotees of the Lord, but Prahlada Maharaja is seeing duality – people who are suffering. Is this vision contrary to the interest of the Lord, since he is seeing something separate from the Lord?
  • By logic one cannot understand the Lord.
  • Devotees see the Lord according to their mood of service, and He reciprocates in that way.
  • Since an uttama-adhikari has no need to establish a material identity, they can deal with all living entities according to the nature of the living entities.
  • With people who are conditioned one has to deal according to their conditioning, since they appreciate material variety. But uttama-adhikari does not leave his transcendental position at any time
  • Ducks in the park would not appreciate Bhagavatam class, but they would appreciate some old chapatis.
  • The scope of logic is limited, because it’s Brahman and Paramatma platform, but when one understands Krishna as a person one can deal with anything.

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