Bhaktivedanta Academy, Sridham Mayapur

The Bhaktivedanta Academy, established in 1984, is an educational institution based in Sri Mayapur Dhama, India, which provides education for boys, girls and adult students on the principles of the Vedic Gurukula system.

Bhaktivedanta Theological Seminary

On this site you can find the greatest number and the most recent of HH Bhaktividya Purna Svami Maharaja’s recorded audio lectures and seminars.

The Bhaktivedanta Theological Seminary is one of the schools of the Bhaktivedanta Academy’s Adult Education faculty. A tertiary education program, it provides philosophical training for adult nonresidential students through the traditional Vedic educational methods.

HH BVPS Vaikuntha Vani YouTube Channel

We collect all available videos of H.H. Bhaktividya Purna Swami here.

HH BVPS Vaikuntha Vani On Audiomack

We collect selected audios of H.H. Bhaktividya Purna Swami here.

H.H. Bhaktividya Purna Svami FB Group

Share content, participate in discussions and ask questions.

H.H. Bhaktividya Purna Svami FB Page

This page shares short quotes from the lectures of HH Bhaktividya Purna Swami.

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